Association of Shareware Professionals 2008: New Officers and New Objectives

ASP has been raising software industry standards since 1987 by providing its members with useful, professional content and business know-how support. To implement the 2008 strategy, the ASP has elected 4 officers and 8 collaborators with relevant experience in running and caring for software commerce enterprises, including all of the following aspects: development, security, sales, software e-commerce, marketing, web marketing, public relations, affiliate marketing, customer service, event management, and sales consultancy for software authors.


Janesville, WI — The Association of Shareware Professionals, ASP, the leading trade organization for Independent Software Developers and Vendors since 1987, announces its 2008 strategy as well as the newly elected officers and volunteers to promote software authors and the try-before-you-buy market throughout the year. In 2008 the association continues to increase its business support provided to members, with additional know-how sharing opportunities, free tools and an open communication network.

“Our association is committed to drive our members’ business forward and raise the industry standards, two objectives that govern our 2008 strategy and executive team selection. All board members, officers and collaborators are chosen based on their background and on their commitment to share knowledge of the industry and experience towards the advancement of try-before-you-buy software, as an alternative to conventional retail software”, says Mike Dulin, President of the ASP. “Most of them have been with ASP for a number of years and come with valuable insight on the shareware software industry”, adds Mike Dulin.


The new ASP executive team, led by the managing board according to the established mission of upfront support to the try-before-you-buy market, is focusing on the following in 2008: quality content and resources development, providing ideas exchange opportunities with key speakers and within the ASP community, establishing mutually profitable relations between its members, and will offer free or discounted software which will help to grow more efficient and mature software businesses.

The newly apointed ASP officers and staff are Mike Dulin (President), Ed Pulliam (Vice President), Fred Clabuesch (Treasurer), Dennis Reinhardt (Secretary), and the valuable collaborators are Rich Holler (Executive Director), Don Waterfield (Technical webmaster), Jerry Stern (ASPects editor), Dexter Bell (Sergeant at Arms), Sheila Manning (Events Coordinator), Adriana Iordan (Marketing & Public Relations Manager), Oliver Grahl (PAD/PADGen Support), Andrei Belogortseff (ASP Downloads Site Manager).

To find out more about membership, volunteer, or sponsorship opportunities for the Association of Shareware Professionals please visit the association official web page:

ASP 2008 officers:

President Mike Dulin has been with ASP since 1997. He owns and newsletter and website. Among other things, he has interviewed many of the leaders of the shareware industry. Find out more on and

Vice President Ed Pulliam, ASP member since 2000. He owns OUISoft and is specialized in software marketing, including affiliate marketing. Find out more on

Treasurer Fred Clabuesch, for the sixth year. He is the Safer Downloads Project Manager and the owner of SigmaTech Software. Find out more on

Secretary Dennis Reinhardt, author of SpamAI and DialogDevil. He is the ASP’s contact on trademark registrations and he is also in charge with the ASP’s website which will soon be re-launched. Find out more on

ASP 2008 collaborators:

Executive Director Rich Holler, a shareware author for almost 20 years and an ASP active member since 1991. He has worked with ZDNet for their Compuserve-based forums and their online customer service team and as sales representative for SimTel Bandwidth Services. Rich was also responsible for the original idea that resulted in the industry-standard PAD system.

Technical webmaster Don Waterfield, Senior Programmer and Analyst with Aqumix Inc. He has been in the industry for 12 years and owns, a hosting and on-demand programming company. Find out more on

ASPects editor since 1997 Jerry Stern. He has provided computer consultancy for the past 17 years and he specializes in system configuration and security. He also runs two PAD download sites: and and a software blog at

Sergeant at Arms Dexter Bell first started programming in the late 70’s and has an extensive international background. He now runs The Utility Factory, the makers of FileBoss. Find out more on

Events Coordinator Sheila Manning has been involved with the ASP since 2003 as Welcome Committee Chair, Events Coordinator, Projects Coordinator, and Vice President.

Marketing & Manager Public Relations Adriana Iordan has over 5 years experience in online marketing. Currently Web marketing Manager at Avangate, an e-commerce provider for software authors, she specializes in internet marketing services and website analysis for the software industry. Find out more on

PAD/PADGen Support Oliver Grahl started his own software business in 1996 developing an application for online cost control, desktop utilities, an add-on for Outlook Express, the information manager SnippetCenter, and the PDF Annotator. Find out more on

ASP Downloads Site Manager Andrei Belogortseff has been involved in the shareware industry for the past 16 years. He runs WinAbility Software Corporation, a producer of Windows utilities and security software. Find out more on

About ASP
Founded in 1987, the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP) is an international organization with over 1200 members and is dedicated to promoting the understanding of shareware software industry through advocacy, standards, research and technology. It offers rich information on how to start and grow a software business, from development to marketing and customer service, as well as personalized advice. ASP also functions as a liaison between shareware authors, microISVs, beginners and leaders, distributors and marketers facilitating contacts and sharing experience. For more information on the Association of Shareware Professionals, please go to

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