Full Control of Your Entire Mobile World at the Tip of Your Finger

Mobilityflow announces the release of version 3.0 of Touch Commander Suite for Pocket PC Phones. It modifies controls of your mobile device, so that you can navigate it by a finger. The new version has a better interface and brings a number of functionality enhancements.


The traditional control scheme of Pocket PC phones is far from being impeccable. The fact that you have to use a stylus to do simple and repetitive operations is its main disadvantage. Attempts to avoid using a stylus usually bring even more inconvenience. Icons and menus are way too small to navigate by fingers. And if you try to substitute a stylus with a pen or pencil, you may accidentally damage the screen. Fortunately, there is Touch Commander that can make all these drawbacks go away. It brings an innovative control scheme that allows operating your device by a finger. You will be able to access all functions at once, using touches and sweeps. Control your handheld with incredible ease!

The new version of the tool comes with an improved design of Today Screen. A couple of elements were added, including a bigger clock and indicators for received e-mails, SMS and missed calls. Also you can quickly check the weather info or run your media player using the corresponding tabs on Today Screen. There’s a new convenient Launcher that lets you start any application, or quickly call a contact. Start Menu has also been changed towards better efficiency. The size of menu elements fits perfectly for smooth navigation by your fingertips. Finally, you will appreciate the new handy look of the battery charge indicator.


Now it’s not necessary to give up your Pocket PC Phone and buy HTC TouchFLO or Apple iPhone to experience the new level of comfortable navigation. Simply try Touch Commander to make controls of your mobile device pretty much the same. Take advantage of Pocket PC Phone’s rich functionality without sacrificing your convenience and navigation efficiency. Please, visit http://www.touch-commander.com to get the trial version of the program.

Key Features

  • Touch Control – scroll lists, open and minimize applications by finger sweeps
  • Today Plugin with clock, weather, launcher and more
  • Cube-like Multipage Launcher
  • Finger-friendly Start Menu
  • Titlebar Battery Indicator

Pricing and Availability: Touch Commander Suite for Pocket PC Phones runs under Windows Mobile 5, 6 and costs $29.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Windows Mobile 5 requires .NET Compact Framework 2.0 to be installed. Licensed customers are entitled to free technical support and free minor upgrades. Additional information on Touch Commander Suite for Pocket PC, as well as a free trial copy is available free of charge from www.touch-commander.com.

Till 15 of March you can make purchase with 40% DISCOUNT. To use this opportunity you can check the following link: www.touch-commander.com/order/

About Mobilityflow: The company was founded in 2006 and specializes in the production of mobile software. For more information, please visit http://www.mobilityflow.com.