Games2Gaze: GAMES TO GAZE!

Games have a special place in our modern fast-paced life and nobody can deny it. They are there when we want to spend some quality hours with fun and joy. Some of them offer an alternative way of education and entertainment.


Games2Gaze comes to cover this need. “The company was formed to offer a new dimension of video gaming beyond the today’s stereotypes. Our purpose is to release premium games that surpass existing ideas and bring an innovative experience to players. Games you will want to play, you want to have, you want to dazzle you, and you want to excite you. The company’s mission is to be a true innovator in the modern games industry”, Mr. Chiotis, Art & Technology Director, said.

Throughout 2007, Games2Gaze garnered significant industry support through its partnerships. Partners include (among others): ImmersionFX, Ink Design, and Pedro Camacho (IGF 2008 nominee in “audio excellence” category).


“We are thrilled to be partnering with significant companies that provide us with a phenomenal opportunity to get our products in the hands of thousands of casual game lovers around the world. Without our partners, the success will be impossible. Our partners continue to deal with Games2Gaze because we work within their parameters and don’t force them to fit within ours. Today, when we are celebrating the lunch of Games2Gaze, I’d like to thank our partners for their contribution. But Games2Gaze is not stopping here. We are looking ahead toward an even more inspiring future. We hope more partners and players will join us in 2008” continues Mr. Chiotis.

Explore Games2Gaze’ site at There, investors and gamers will find detailed information on Games2Gaze, its evolution, and achievements. There, you will also find trial version of the games for Windows.


About Games2Gaze: Games2Gaze is the Business Unit of Tetrahedron LTD (, a privately-held software company, based in Greece. Since its foundation in 2007, the company has focused on the development & publishing casual games distinguished for the all-new game play, innovative mechanics and high playability.