Have More Free Time Than Ever With LeaderTask

Imagine, a person with a tight schedule runs a small business or manages a project; or he is a self-employed person and has to schedule his work time so that there is enough free time for spending with the family and friends. Often it’s quite difficult to plan a flexible time-table and to perform all the duties on schedule. Deadlines looming and the work is only half way done. It’s not a problem any more! LeaderTask 58 will solve all the problems in a given time frame as quick as never before.


Severodvinsk, Russia, September 18, 2008 – Almeza Company today announces the release of LeaderTask v. 58 – a new version of a smart business organizer for modern people that will help organize time, increase the activity effectiveness, minimize the routine, remove strain from business, get rid of fuss and reveal the deposits of free time. LeaderTask 58 is not only a business organizer, but also a Personal Information Manager, Calendar, an Address Book and a Contact Manager. “A small case that allows me to keep all those one-time pieces of information off my mind. You work with the program like this: you write it down and forget it. Then you see it and do it. I liked the easy task overview, including strategic goals and tactic plans”, says Vladimir Anastasin, CEO, FastSoft – company’s client.

LeaderTask is a unique personal business organizer with new conceptual management of tasks, projects, time and persons activity. The software will replace scattered paper notes, colored stickers on the PC screen and other out-of-date time management methods. Now all the plans and tasks will be stored in a safe place. By just hitting Ctrl+Alt+A it is possible to add new tasks or to view the current ones. The software is constantly at hand and on the lookout in the windows tray icons. All the LeaderTask features have their special tags that help to filter the needed tasks. Thus, by just one mouse click the user can quickly open: “Me Today”, “IMPORTANT”, “URGENT”, “Monthly Sales”, “Project XYZ In October”, “Delegated Tasks Monitoring”, “Bank”, “To Buy”, “To Read”, “Year Goals” and more. Besides, it’s possible to adjust LeaderTask the way most convenient for the user. LeaderTask also allows applying the David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology.


What’s more, any task in LeaderTask can be applied to any context most convenient for the user. The context can be in form of a place (home, office, bank etc.), a contact (boss, employee, wife/husband), or a category of a project. To put it simple, any task can be applied to its context – in the most convenient circumstances for its performing. If the task should be performed in the bank, it’s better to fill it into the “Bank”, if a task is extremely important it should be assigned with a correspondent priority and so on.

LeaderTask is: an aid for the PC memory, as it’s difficult to keep large amount of information in mind; a visual overview and full control of the user activities; always at hand, as it’s easy to access the organizer with the help of hot-keys; a storage of absolutely any information (documents, diagrams, images); a customize interface (customize the position the main toolbars, format the task tree, color task categories, specify options and more); a ready solution (new skills teaching, new implementation in the form of educational training course); a software with an individual approach. LeaderTask is like a personal manager or secretary for a user.

Other features include displaying tasks in a form of a tree, and a calendar; filtering tasks, reminders, comfortable navigation, personal information manager, user interface and flexible settings, password manager, file container, link manager, data backup and more.

LeaderTask is used to automatically keep record of all operations – those of the PC user, his family or company. LeaderTask will automatically generate a schedule for the user, taking into account all the projects and tasks. The program will considerably increase the level of the user business and personal time organization. Now all the thoughts and plans will be in a stable system.

LeaderTask has a portable-version, thus the user will have the software always at hand wherever he is. Portable-version can be written on a flash card, it requires no installation, therefore all the data is stored and saved in its folder.

By purchasing the software, the user gets a license key that automatically makes him a participant of marketing stocks with a chance to win a prize. By the use of the main license, the user can form additional license that will help his relatives purchase the product license on a lower price. LeaderTask helps organizing things more efficiently without wasting the person’s time!

Pricing and Availability

LeaderTask v. 58 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Intel Pentium II and higher, with 64 MB RAM and 15 MB on the hard disc, mouse or touchpad required.

Software link: http://www.leadertask.com
Download link: http://www.leadertask.com/download/leader.exe

About Almeza Company
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