Imagine Typing Every Sentence with Half as Many Keystrokes as Usual

Soft Grup Construct announces the release of version 1.37 of Turbo Type, a convenient solution for making your typing faster and free from mistakes.


English is the language of international communication and it’s a generally accepted fact. By means of the internet it allows you to contact with people all over the world. No wonder we all have to learn to type in English despite of our native language. But becoming a fast typer may be quite a challenge and certainly takes time. Turbo Type is a handy tool that will facilitate your typing, allowing you to communicate with ease. Now you won’t even have to type all letters in words as Turbo Type will get it done for you with no mistakes and with greater speed.

Turbo Type’s main feature is auto-completion of words you type. When you type a few letters it analyzes possible word variants and comes up with a transparent pop-up window suggesting three words to type. With each following letter Turbo Type will re-analyze variants to provide you with the most probable ones. You can either finish typing yourself or auto-complete the word using space, tab or enter key at your favor. Directional keys are used to switch between suggested words, but Turbo Type is good at making the first suggested word the most probable, so it usually takes only one additional keystroke to complete a word, which is very convenient. This smart approach allows you to type much less and be sure about spelling.
Turbo Type isn’t just about selecting words from a dictionary, it adapts to individual user preferences. The advanced word suggestion engine takes into account frequently used words, so that they can be already selected when fitting letter variations appear. Also, for your convenience, there are a number of settings enabling you to customize program features to make Turbo Type convenient to your individual style of typing. Another advantage of Turbo Type is its universal compatibility. The program doesn’t bind you to a certain text editor. The way it works allows you to use Turbo Type literally anywhere when it’s possible to input text.


Turbo Type can become a valuable helper for various groups of people. Children will have more comfort making their first steps in English. Business people will feel more competent answering e-mail correspondence. People with disabilities can use Turbo Type’s assistance to overcome difficulties with typing. And simply every person whose native language is not English can take advantage of Turbo Type to receive a helpful support with typing. Moreover, Turbo Type will also be of use for those who already can type well. When you type fast the word list doesn’t pop-up, but if you stop typing, thinking of the word spelling, Turbo Type will help you out, so it only appears when it is needed.

Pricing and Availability
Turbo Type runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows and costs $ 20.00 (USD) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and free upgrades. Further information on Turbo Type, as well as a free trial copy is available free of charge from

About Soft Grup Construct
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