Leading Disc Labeling Software Extends Usability and Perfomance for LightScribe Drives

MicroVision Development, Inc. has released SureThing CD/DVD Labeler v.
5.1, an easy-to-use Windows application that lets you create beautiful,
personalized CD and DVD labels. In addition to supporting all major
label brands and direct-to-disc inkjet printers, the latest version
provides enhanced usability and performance to the LightScribe market.

The new LightScribe WYSIWYG designer makes it easy to design labels that
appear on screen exactly as they will be printed. LightScribe prints
only shades of gray, blended into the background color of the disc.
SureThing automatically converts color images, text, and backgrounds to
the same shades of gray that LightScribe will use at print time. By
taking the guesswork out of LightScribe label design, SureThing saves
discs, money, and time.


SureThing can print discs on multiple LightScribe drives simultaneously.
Whether your computer has two LightScribe drives or a tower full of
them, SureThing detects which drives are available, and schedules each
print job for you. Since LightScribe discs can take up to 20 minutes
each to print, SureThing’s multi-drive support saves time for businesses
who need to print multiple discs.

Version 5.1 also includes new background images that were professionally
designed for LightScribe technology. These high resolution backgrounds
are optimized for all three LightScribe print modes to maximize
performance and print quality.


SureThing has all of the features that you would expect in a high-end
design program, offering almost limitless design variations. You can use
your own fonts or the decorative fonts included with the program. It’s
simple to create circular text, 3-D effects, outlines, drop shadows, and
other attractive text variations.

The program imports song titles, artist names, and album information
directly from audio CDs, the Internet, iTunes and Windows Media Player.
With one click, you can include this information in your disc design.
You can even grab album art from iTunes, Windows Media Player and mp3
files (when available).

You can crop or rotate your images, reduce red eye, sharpen or lighten a
photo, and colorize or posterize your images. Without being – or hiring
– a graphic designer, you can create stunning images and print them on
your discs and jewel cases.

Whether you’re a professional designer, musician, or photographer who
needs to present customers with distinctively labeled CDs and DVDs, a
business person who needs to impress clients and prospects with
professional-looking discs, or a home user who wants to wow friends and
family with discs of photographs and memorabilia, SureThing CD/DVD
Labeler has the tools that you need.

SureThing CD/DVD Labeler software v. 5.1 is available online for
$24.95(US) for a single-user license. The Complete Package sells for
$29.95, and includes a sampling of Super Vibrant Matte disc labels, a
label applicator, and a CD containing more than 5,000 background images.
You can download a 15-day trial version of the software from

For more information, contact MicroVision Development, Inc., 5541 Ferme
Court, Ste. 120, Carlsbad, California, 92008-7349 USA Phone: (760)
438-7781 Email: [email protected] Internet:
http://www.SureThing.com/LightScribeSoftware or visit MicroVision
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