LearnItFirst.com Presents a Unique Software-Learning Experience

Video books stimulate information retention, interest


Dallas, Texas – July 1st, 2008 – Studies by the Institute for the Advancement of Research in Education have shown that visual learning contributes significantly to peoples’ ability to retain, comprehend and organize information, as well as think critically. Overall, visual learning is being introduced more rapidly in schools, while traditional training methods are still being used in the workplace.

To stimulate the use of visual learning in businesses, LearnItFirst.com, a startup video training company, offers consumers an innovative way to keep up with the ever-changing software industry. The company serves as host to websites that offer video training on several different kinds of software.


Scott Whigham, founder of LearnItFirst.com, said, “Visual learning is important to our customers. The skills we teach them help them to do their jobs efficiently, so they have time to do other things. By following along with the videos and hearing a detailed explanation of what is happening, they are much more likely to understand the software and retain the information long after the video is over.”

Whigham added, “Our users also say it is a lot more fun watching a video to learn new software, rather than reading a book.”

“In a busy and oftentimes hectic working environment, it is easy for things to get scattered or lost,” Whigham continued. “Video training not only provides a way to reduce the clutter, but it also gives the most precise, up-to-date software training in a way that is both interesting and effective.”

The LearnItFirst.com Video Training Network

In an effort to allow users to find exactly the training they want, LearnItFirst.com has a network of 13 niche websites, each focused on training one specific topic. Each website features hours and hours of videos (a site like LearnWindows2003.com, for example, has nearly 40 hours of video) and other community features such as book recommendations, links to helpful sites, and some even have user forums. Here are just a few sites in the LearnItFirst.com Video Training Network:

– SQL Server training videos: LearnSqlServer.com
– SharePoint training videos: LearnSharePoint.com
– Exchange Server training videos: LearnExchange.com
– and many more are available at http://www.learnitfirst.com/

The LearnItFirst.com Video Training Network can be found at www.learnitfirst.com.