Lock Out Private Images with Hide Photos 1.1

Protect private pictures against the curious eye by placing them into a secure encrypted container. Secure AES protection, ultimate convenience and ease of use make Hide Photos a perfect digital photo album for every amateur photographer.


Bolide Software announces the release of Hide Photos v1.1, a secure container for digital pictures. A perfect combination of security, convenience and ease of use make Hide Photos a perfect choice for digital photographers.

Digital photography changed the way people take, develop and print photos radically. No more need to bring films to a photo lab to make perfectly looking prints. Digital made it possible to perform the entire process of developing, editing and printing photographs at ones home, eliminating the possible embarrassment of a lab employee looking at photos intended strictly for private view.


Storing the digital photographs is just another matter. Naughty home stuff or pictures of your ex are equally not intended to be viewed by an inappropriate eye, yet for completely different reasons. What are your choices here?

Of course, you could just store the digital pictures hidden deep on your computer in a hope that no one stumbles upon them. That means no protection at all. Or you can put the pictures into an encrypted ZIP or RAR archive, making them impossible to access without a password.

That could work to protect your photos. The problem is that the protection works in both ways, making it inconvenient for you to access the images. Besides, due to the nature of how archivers like ZIP and RAR work, your photos will be extracted and stored unprotected somewhere on the hard disk every time you access them. To sum it up, archives are neither convenient nor secure as a means to protect digital photo albums.

The solution? A dedicated photo protection tool just like Hide Photos!
The product combines the convenience of unrestricted access with the security of encrypted archives. Hide Photos keeps the digital images securely encrypted (AES-256 if you’re worried about the degree of security) yet handily available. You can view, add or delete digital pictures in the protected album at any time by just entering a password once. The images are never saved to the hard disk, thus eliminating the security hole of the password-protected archives.

What if you forget your password? If that would be a ZIP or RAR archive, you’d just lose your pictures or spend an awful lot of time trying to recover the original password with recovery tools. Lost passwords are no problem with Hide Photos! You can specify a password hint to remind you and you only about the right password. Just make sure the hint isn’t too obvious for anyone but you!

Hide Photos includes a full-featured image browser, viewer and organizer, making access to the protected pictures as easy and convenient as possible. Tag pictures with keywords, organize them by folders, specify passwords for the entire album or separate images, browse and view pictures from within the program without saving anything onto the hard drive.

Hide Photos is a simple, easy and completely secure digital photo album that keeps away the curious eye. Download your evaluation copy free at http://hidephotos.com/