Loco Mogul steams into station

Montreal, Canada – September 19, 2008 – ApeZone Inc, today announced that they are releasing Loco Mogul, a train strategy game, for the casual PC digital download market.


The game lets you play a seasoned railroader turned entrepreneur, as you try to build your own circa 1850s railroad empire.

Loco Mogul has three distinct phases of play.


There’s the Minesweeper-like search for hidden towns, mines, and other businesses in a territory.

There’s the building phase, where players build a functional railroad, complete with train stations, junctions, bridges, and mountain tunnels.

Finally, there’s the click-management phase, where players run their trains and try to maximize profits by delivering rail cars to their destinations in time.

At each step, players must ensure that they have enough cash to continue expanding.

“Most games involving trains are either hardcore financial simulations or train games in theme only.” says Andrew Ewanchyna, the game’s creator. “Loco Mogul tries to bridge the gap, providing a thoughtful, relaxing experience for the train enthusiast in all of us.”

Get more information on Loco Mogul from the game’s product page at http://www.apezone.com/locomogul.php.


Founded in 1999, ApeZone Inc creates and distributes strategy games to the PC digital download market. Key to its success are unique games that are both addictive and have high replay value. ApeZone Inc is located just outside Montreal, Quebec. For more information, visit the Apezone Games website at www.apezone.com.