magicDesk 1.3.0

Type: Shareware
Cost: $399
Size: 8.53 MB
Release date: Mar 13 2015
Platform: Not Applicable
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Country: United States of America



MagicDesk is a suite of modern web-based applications (apps) for customer service and support, highly integrated with each other, and assembled in one account. Every app share the same database, communicate with each other and has its dedicated purpose to perform its own task. Base apps – Contacts, Helpdesk – accept requests from your clients via email, web forms or clients’ customer portal, Hub – create your knowledge base, communicate with your customers, and collect customer feedback, Mailer – easy email marketing, Site, Installer. Each app has plugins support to extend its functionality.
The application-centric paradigm has a lot of benefits. Every application has their focused capabilities. It allows to keep every app simple, with a clean and usable interface, optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers. At the same time, applications’ integration multiplies power of the entire system. The magicDesk applications are running on the Webasyst platform, i.e. a free open source PHP web development framework, like most modern web-based systems, consists of server and client sides. The client-side is accessed through your web browser on a device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Once you start working with magicDesk, you will realize how components of the system interact with each other. This will help you to create a virtual desk and organize a support center, while taking into account requirements that are unique and specific to your business. Two hosting variants cloud-based SaaS

More apps available in the Webasyst Store: Blog, Photos, Stickies, and etc.