meltingSquares Validator 1.2

Type: Shareware
Cost: $59.95
Size: 6.09 MB
Release date: Apr 07 2015
Platform: WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8
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Country: France

meltingSquares Validator


You often have to use documents (files, data tables or emails) that meet specific content constraints. If these documents’ compliance was until then a binding task, Validator will now allow you to automatically check them according to your own validation rules.

Save valuable time to your teams and guarantee the quality of their work with this simple and scalable solution.


Validator verifies the content of your files, data tables or emails according to your own validation rules. To perform the verification, it relies on a template that allows you to define, for each element of your document, basic constraints (size, type, format, allowable values…) and more complex constraints.

Once your verifcation rules configured, you simply click on a button to start checking. Validator will then display a summary report of compliance that outlines the errors and warnings in the document. You can correct and export it in the format you want, then verify again the document if needed.

Validator supports multiple input formats (plain text, CSV, Excel…). With an intuitive interface, the tool is also easy to use. It also allows you to keep your work (your settings and your search results) in projects.