Motigon 1.0

Type: Commercial
Cost: $2000
Size: 0.00 kB
Release date: Dec 14 2012
Platform: Java,Other
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Country: Norway



A simple to use, yet highly configurable diagramming library that supports multiple programming languages. Our library currently support GWT, Sencha GXT, JavaScript and Java2D. More target platforms are planned in the near future. Full support for all major web browsers.

The user interface is completely customizable. As a developer you are free to change how elements are placed on screen. You can even create your own user interface element that easily integrates with existing features.


Both figures and line endpoints can be customized. Depending on your particular need you can create your own shapes and remove the currently available figure sets. These custom shapes can be drawn using a simple to use editor.

The library was designed with the end developer in mind, and is therefore easy to use. With a detailed documentation and a wide array of examples it’s easy to integrate or implement the functionality needed.

Diagrams are rendered on the server using the Java2D and other standard server libraries. This allows you to build images and image maps on the server-side for infinite possibilities.

Full source code is available for users of GWT and Sencha GXT libraries.