Oxygen Software Debuts OxyCube

Multifaceted Solution for Your Cell Phone


Best-Selling Mobile Content Manager from Oxygen Software Has Been Radically Enhanced and Is Coming under a New Name – OxyCube

MOSCOW, Russia – Feb. 27, 2008 – Oxygen Software today announces OxyCube 1.0, the third generation of award-winning PC software for Nokia phones and smartphones, Oxygen Phone Manager. OxyCube is designed to be a compelling replacement of standard PC software from phone manufacturers, such as Nokia PC Suite, Sony Ericsson PC Suite, Samsung PC Studio, etc. The product is available immediately from www.oxygensoftware.com/.


OxyCube is a completely new product that goes beyond the capabilities of Oxygen Phone Manager II, delivering a radically enhanced interface with easy access to all main functions, simplified connection and data management, support for ordinary phones and smartphones in a single product. Currently, the product is compatible with Nokia phones and smartphones powered by Symbian OS, including Nokia S60 and Sony Ericsson UIQ. In the nearest future, the product will support smartphones with Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices. As distinct from Oxygen Phone Manager II, OxyCube includes a fully-fledged file browser that enables users to get quick access to all files and folders in the phone.

“With cell phones now part of our everyday lives and fashion for personalization and sharing on the rise, people are demanding sophisticated tools to manage the content of a phone,” said Nike Golubev, PR Officer at Oxygen Software. “Sophistication doesn’t mean complication. The new generation of our mobile content manager, OxyCube, offers a whole new user experience for phone owners, which makes content editing, moving to a new phone and making backups much easier and more fun. With a new interface, a full-fledged file browser and support for Nokia phones and Symbian OS-powered smartphones in a single product, we expect our new product to be high on customer wish lists this spring.”

OxyCube 1.0 makes it extremely easy and quick to back up mobile content to PC or move it from a used phone to a new one. In a few clicks, you can manage a phonebook, log records, calendar, and a file browser. To do all this, you no longer need to install bloatware PC software from the phone manufacturer, plus Microsoft Outlook or another PIM for PC-to-phone synchronization. OxyCube is the only thing you need. Instead of a long syncing process, the product lets you add a new contact or a phone number in a few seconds.

OxyCube 1.0 runs on Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003 Server and available immediately as a free download from www.oxygensoftware.com/.

About Oxygen Software: Founded in 2000, Oxygen Software is a Moscow, Russia-based company, targeting the mobile market with its PC software for cell phones and smartphones. Among its leading titles are Oxygen Forensic Suite, Oxygen Express for Nokia phones and Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS smartphones (all Symbian smartphones supported – Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, etc). The company is an official member of Nokia Trade point and Forum Nokia PRO. For more information, visit www.oxygensoftware.com.