Peek 1.0

Type: Shareware
Cost: $49
Size: 176.00 kB
Release date: May 25 2015
Platform: Mac OS X,Mac Other,Other
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Country: Japan



Test and monitor your websites on your Mac (and in your browser) for SEO, social, accessibility, speed, mobile, performance and more.
Test over 40+ aspects of any website. Test for everything.

Use Peek to improve your site’s performance and SEO


Website owners and professionals use Peek to gain a deeper knowledge and control of their website. They also use it to quickly find and fix errors, improve their SEO ranking, as well as to analyse and learn from the competition.

Do your competitors always seem to rank higher than you?

Analyse their site for weaknesses and see how you could make improvements to your own site to gain a competitive advantage.

Test for:

Headings ,Meta data, Search Engine results, Page juice, Moz ranking, Sitemaps, Backlinks

Amount of content, Printability, ALT text, Favicons, Underscores in URLs, In-page links, Privacy checks

W3c compliance, Mobile optimization, Flash detection, iFrame detection, URL format, htaccess files, Stylesheets

Site speed, Site uptime, Analytics, Missing files, Popularity, Social interest, Content keywords