PerfectClock – When Telling the Time Gives You Pleasure

ALSEDI Group announces the release of version 2.6 of PerfectClock, the program that brings the art of clocks right to your desktop. It delivers any number of realistic clocks onto the desktop or replaces your wallpaper with clock wallpaper.


PerfectClock lets you know the time in the most convenient way by looking at stylish analog or digital clocks. You can enjoy having as many clocks on the desktop as you need, each displaying time of the defined time zone. Besides the ability to display one or more clocks on the desktop, PerfectClock can function as a wallpaper clock. This unique feature allows you to replace your current wallpaper with the wallpaper clock to always have a full screen clock right in front of your eyes. Additionally, you can use the wallpaper clock as a nice screensaver.

Both clock modes have many skins and settings and you can quickly switch between them. PerfectClock can be adjusted in many ways. It supports scaling, which makes it really flexible. Also it’s possible to set a label to a clock and customize fonts, color, position and other parameters. In addition there’s the useful Reminder feature that is also very customizable. With PerfectClock you will not only know the time, but also won’t miss any planned event.


PerfectClock has been on the market for some time and so far has accumulated an impressive number of skins and their quantity rapidly grows. On the official website you will find dozens and dozens of nice clock and wallpaper clock skins. Just imagine, once purchasing the program you will have numbers of refined clocks looking so real, including the ones of famous brands. Having a piece of luxury at hand, even though in digital format, is still a great pleasure.
PerfectClock is distinguished for unmatched visual quality. The clock skins are impeccable with their nice transparency effects, blurred edges, smooth hands and digits not to mention an incredible level of detail. The new version adds even more realism to the visuals as the engine now supports post-processing effects. It allows you to adjust such parameters as hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast to reach optimal appearance of the clock.

PerfectClock also offers the unique opportunity of expressing yourself. Using the Scripted Engine you can manually create a unique skin. However, you won’t have to be a programmer to get a new skin. ALSEDI Group has prepared a special offer, so that all new customers can get a present. Everyone who purchases PerfectClock, can order a Personal Family Photo Clock Skin at no cost. It only requires you to select a frame pattern and send a photo or two and the skin will be delivered to you in three days. This skin will make a great present for family events, so take your chance to surprise your nearest and dearest with an unexpected gift.

Please, visit to try out the trial version of the program.

Pricing and Availability:PerfectClock runs under all versions of Windows. Standard Edition of the program costs $16.95 (USD) for a single-user license and Professional Edition supporting the Wallpaper Clock feature costs $23.95 (USD). Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and free upgrades. Further information on PerfectClock, as well as a free trial copy is available free of charge from

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