New Version of Spanish Whiz (8.0)

Braser Soft has released version 8.0 of their popular Windows program, Spanish Whiz (TM), a vocabulary building program which is popular with both schools and individual users who want to learn Spanish quickly.


Spanish Whiz now comes in two editions: a Standard Edition and a new CD Edition. Both editions contain sound files to help you with your listening and pronunciation, but the CD Edition has an extra 72 MB of sound files. You can see a chart illustrating the differences at:


Spanish Whiz contains most of the common vocabulary and verbs which exist in the Spanish language while making an extra effort to give you practice in typical problem areas. You can test yourself in both multiple choice andfill-in question format, and you can make your own word lists to practice while using the program.

The Spanish Whiz Standard Edition sells for $24.95 (US) while the CD Edition sells for $39.95. You can see an online Flash demo or download a demo versionof this program at: