Start Hotspot 1.14.0

Type: Freeware
Cost: $0
Size: 16.00 MB
Release date: Sep 05 2016
Platform: Android
Publisher’s Site:
Publisher’s Product Page:
Country: Serbia

Start Hotspot


Worlds first mobile hotspot app for Android that can control bandwidth of your users. It redirects users to login, signup or like your page, while controlling their download & upload speed, session time or allowed bandwidth quota.

Share your 3G, 4G or USB Internet connection to WiFi devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops. Allow everyone to connect to your SSID without password, and then automatically redirect them to your splash page: to login or signup.


Create user accounts to control who can use your Internet. Set limits to control time and total bandwidth quota available to users. Track user activity on screen with their username, device IP & MAC and current download and upload rates.