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Flowrigami is a free and open-source workflow editor, designed to visualize diverse workflows and configure them using graphic components. It works in two modes: View Mode and Edit Mode. A workflow consists of several nodes and connectors. Properties of nodes and connectors are defined by the user.
View Mode has:
Central working area, displaying the workflow itself and enabling users interaction with it.
Right area, displaying the properties of the selected node or connector.
Edit Mode has:
Left area with nodes and connectors library, allowing users to add new elements by dragging them from the library to central working area. This library can be customized by the user. The library contains different sets of objects defined for various diagram types (UML, BPMN, flowchart, etc.)
Central working area displaying the workflow itself and enabling users interaction with it.
Right area, displaying the properties of the selected node or connector and allowing a user to change these properties. Properties contain both visual ones and custom business properties defined by the user.
Flowrigami is configured for different diagram types: flowchart, BPMN, UML etc.
As component has both data format and settings format, the user can customize settings for his component online.

ChatGPT CSharp 2023.11.6

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IronPDF, a popular C# PDF Library, provides the capability to create, edit, and manipulate PDF documents. By leveraging IronPDF, developers can take the text generated by ChatGPT and effortlessly convert it into PDF format, enabling better readability and distribution.


To begin the integration, developers first need to set up communication with ChatGPT using C#. Through API calls or a custom implementation, you can pass prompts to ChatGPT and receive the generated text in response.

Next, utilizing IronPDF, developers can take the text from ChatGPT and seamlessly convert it into a PDF document. IronPDF allows precise control over the formatting, layout, and styling of the resulting PDF, ensuring a professional and visually appealing output.

By merging the power of ChatGPT’s text generation with the capabilities of IronPDF for PDF manipulation, developers can automate the process of generating informative, stylized PDFs from ChatGPT’s output. Whether for report generation, content creation, or any application requiring text-to-PDF conversion, this integration brings efficiency and automation to the forefront.

For a detailed step-by-step guide and code examples on how to integrate ChatGPT with C# and use IronPDF for PDF conversion, refer to This tutorial provides comprehensive insights and actionable steps to streamline the integration process, enabling you to efficiently generate professional PDFs from ChatGPT-generated text using C#.

Python Extract Text from PDF 2023.10.3

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The Python PDF Library offers developers a robust solution for extracting text from PDFs, simplifying this intricate process. With its intuitive APIs and utilities, this library empowers developers to seamlessly extract textual content from PDFs and integrate it into their Python applications.
Text extraction involves identifying and extracting the textual content present in a PDF document, including paragraphs, headings, and other elements. The Python PDF Library streamlines this process, providing developers with methods to accurately identify and extract text from PDFs. Developers can customize the text extraction process based on specific project requirements, allowing for flexibility in handling various types of PDFs and ensuring accurate text extraction. The Python PDF Library offers the tools needed to tailor the extraction according to the document’s structure, fonts, languages, and other parameters, ensuring a consistent and reliable text extraction experience.
To embark on the journey of integrating text extraction into your Python workflow using the Python PDF Library, you can follow a comprehensive tutorial available This tutorial offers step-by-step guidance, code examples, and best practices for effectively integrating the library into your applications. It equips you with the knowledge and tools to master text extraction from PDFs in Python and enhance your data processing and analysis capabilities.
The ability to extract text from PDFs is a fundamental feature for various applications requiring data processing and analysis. Python, with its versatile set of libraries, provides an efficient and effective way to achieve this extraction. By leveraging the capabilities of the Python PDF Library, developers can seamlessly integrate text extraction from PDFs into their Python applications, enabling streamlined data processing and analysis for a wide range of projects.