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GCULVERT Cast in place box culvert 1.2

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It automatically generates the construction drawings of the cast in place box or pipe culverts. The culvert consists of one or more rectangular frame pieces or pipes, 2 wings or a wing and a fall chamber. Rectangular pieces can be placed in steps to reduce the slope of the drain. The wings and the fall chamber can be at 90 degrees or at a different angle from the culvert axis. The walls of a wing can have different sizes and angles. The sole of the wing can be horizontal or inclined. The culvert rests on a foundation, and in the drainage area there is a concrete protection material.
The drawings are dimensioned automatically.
You will automatically get the execution drawings, quantity lists and files with the new input data. You will be able to create in time, a database with different examples of culverts.


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Photo scanning has never been easier and faster than with this scanner software. Easily scan multiple photos by placing as many of your old photos as you can fit on your flatbed scanner. Your photos are automatically detected and straightened, then saved to separate image files. Scan prints, negatives and slides. Magic wand removes unwanted tint with one click. Deep color 48-bit scanning ensures your photos are ready to display on the next generation of monitors and TV’s.


Simplified interface and streamlined workflow minimizes what you need to do, making photo scanning even faster.

– Best-in-class automatic photo detection and straightening algorithm makes your project much easier
– Scan prints, negatives and slides
– Also scan documents, receipts and cards with OCR (text recognition)
– Scan from photo feeder and document feeder
– Maximize color accuracy and future readiness with 48-bit Deep Color scanning
– Get the most from your black and white photos with 16-bit True Gray scanning
– Tag and imprint text on photos to preserve written comments and date taken to help you find them later
– Save both archival/editing and sharing/slideshow quality at the same time

Aiseesoft AI Photo Editor 1.0.12

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Aiseesoft AI Photo Editor is a powerful software that uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to help users enhance, edit, and transform their images. Key functions: 1.Enhance image with AI Technology. One main feature of Aiseesoft AI Photo Editor is its AI-powered image enhancement. Through sophisticated algorithms, it intelligently analyzing photos to automatically adjust parameters like brightness, contrast, color balance, and sharpness without quality loss. Even beginners can quickly enhance their images without manual adjustments. 2.Support wide image formats. Aiseesoft AI Photo Editor supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, WEBP, BMP, ICO, and AVIF images, providing flexibility and ease in working with a wide range of files effortlessly. 3.Autosave and preserve all the details. After the images have been enhanced, you can preview the upscaling effect of the images. The software can retain all image details after upscaling and enlarging. And the upscaled images can be automatically on the desktop.