AutoLisp Source 1.1

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AutoLISP source code can be run on AutoCAD or IntelliCAD (Bricscad, ProgeCAD, Cadopia, etc.), on any number of computers. There are 6 programs for:
– “Triangulation” will generate triangular 3DFACE entities, on the convex hull of the set of points,
– “Load XYZ and 4D files”; file types: x y z color, x y z scalar, x y z r g b, no. x y z code,
– “B-spline control polygon and interpolated contour lines” creates the control polygon and interpolates a POLYLINE with cubic B-Spline; the interpolated curve passes through the initial points and you can control its curvature; you can also generate interpolated contour lines,
– “Intersect 2 3DFACE and contour lines” intersects 2 triangular 3DFACE entities and generatea the contour lines,
– “Modify longitudinal profile” contains 3 new commands which increase productivity in the modification of drawings
YTE changes the Y texts of some points, relative to an origin point,
XTE changes the X text of some points, relative to X=0 of the current UCS,
PTE inserts elevation and slope with triangle on a POLYLINE,
– “DWG to XYZ” converts a DWG file to an XYZ file of points.
The price is per program.
You can test these programs in their executable shareware versions, from the programs in which they were implemented:
– RTOPO Hydrology CAD for topography,
– Topography in AutoCAD or BricsCAD,
– Cut and fill volume in AutoCAD or BricsCAD.

ChatGPT CSharp 2023.11.6

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IronPDF, a popular C# PDF Library, provides the capability to create, edit, and manipulate PDF documents. By leveraging IronPDF, developers can take the text generated by ChatGPT and effortlessly convert it into PDF format, enabling better readability and distribution.


To begin the integration, developers first need to set up communication with ChatGPT using C#. Through API calls or a custom implementation, you can pass prompts to ChatGPT and receive the generated text in response.

Next, utilizing IronPDF, developers can take the text from ChatGPT and seamlessly convert it into a PDF document. IronPDF allows precise control over the formatting, layout, and styling of the resulting PDF, ensuring a professional and visually appealing output.

By merging the power of ChatGPT’s text generation with the capabilities of IronPDF for PDF manipulation, developers can automate the process of generating informative, stylized PDFs from ChatGPT’s output. Whether for report generation, content creation, or any application requiring text-to-PDF conversion, this integration brings efficiency and automation to the forefront.

For a detailed step-by-step guide and code examples on how to integrate ChatGPT with C# and use IronPDF for PDF conversion, refer to This tutorial provides comprehensive insights and actionable steps to streamline the integration process, enabling you to efficiently generate professional PDFs from ChatGPT-generated text using C#.

PubTyper 1.1.4

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PubTyper is a free extension for Adobe InDesign that allows you to merge files of different formats into one single InDesign document. It ensures a convenient compilation of a perfect, high-quality, printable-ready document with common styles. Being a useful digital publishing solution, PubTyper speeds up the process of file compilation, editing, and publishing. It provides the ability to use bulk operations, do a reflow of content in accordance with a chosen template, detect a text style by its overrides and replace them when needed, and others.


The key features are:

Creating a single document from files of multiple formats
Setting a template for a document
Doing reflow of content in accordance with a chosen template
Editing paragraph styles, fonts and colors
Inserting and editing images and tables
Automatic massive image cropping, scaling, applying text wrapping
Saving a high-quality, printable-ready design

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