BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.08.7

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To protect your privacy, comply with regulations, such as HIPAA or PCI, and prevent data breaches, BestCrypt Container Encryption delivers ‘on-the-fly’ data encryption that’s easy to use for virtual drives and selected files or folders. BestCrypt encrypts files and folders on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux by utilizing a wide variety of algorithms (AES, Blowfish, Twofish, CAST, GOST 28147-89, Triple-Des, Serpent) and the largest possible key sizes with XTS, LRW and CBC encryption modes. By featuring deniable encryption and dynamic containers Jetico’s file encryption is the best TrueCrypt alternative. BestCrypt Container Encryption includes a full version of BCWipe a Jetico solution to permanently delete files, wipe free space and data remanence.


To protect the data you keep, BestCrypt Container Encryption features:
– Store and access encrypted files easily via virtual drives
– Create and manage multiple containers
– Adjust size of container files (from megabytes to entire drive)
– Enhanced Hidden Containers (deniable encryption)
– Encrypt headers of container files
– Support Public Key Encryption
– Support Secret Sharing Schemes
– Compress one or more files in an encrypted self-extracting archive
– Encrypt Windows Swap File
– Container-level compatibility across Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems
– Includes full version of BCWipe for military-grade file wiping
– Central management for deployment, monitoring and password recovery (Enterprise Edition only)

NeoAudio 1.7.1

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NeoAudio is a Digital Audio Extraction and Encoding software that allows beginners and experienced audio users alike to rip and encode CDs in various formats. Different formats can be selected, such as WAV, MP3, MP2 or OGG Vorbis 1.0. The program also offers the possibility to decode MP3s or encode files with the LAME-based encoder, to use them in MP3 players or to burn CDs for personal use. The software thus provides a simple solution for users who, for example, want to listen to audiobooks, favorite songs or learn a language on different devices, such as during a train ride, on vacation or on business trips. The user interface is easy to use and offers intuitive navigation, which makes the program accessible even for users with little experience. The software is available in several languages, including English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish and Russian. NeoAudio offers built-in CDDB support, which supports on-the-fly tagging of tracks in various definable formats and uses ID3v2 tags. Audio bitrates and sampling rates can be adjusted, and there is jitter correction, normalization of tracks, and more. The program also includes a built-in MP3 player, Winamp plugins and a file comparison function. The legal software does not bypass copy protection measures and is only suitable for ripping your own audio CDs for personal use. NeoAudio is not affiliated with the well-known audiobook publisher All in all, Digital Audio Extraction and Encoding Software is an excellent choice for users who want to rip and encode CDs in various audio formats, especially for personal use. It offers an intuitive user interface, supports multiple languages, and provides a wide range of features to suit both novice and experienced users.