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ShredIt Android 3.2.6

Type: Shareware
Cost: $11.99
Size: 601.00 MB
Release date: Mar 18 2022
Platform: Android
Publisher’s Site:  https://burningthumb.com
Publisher’s Product Page:  https://burningthumb.com/apps/shredit/shredit-for-android/
Country: Canada

ShredIt Android

Wipe data on Android phone, tablet, TV and protect your privacy with this easy to use app that will permanently delete data on any Android device so the data cannot be recovered. Easy to use, ShredIt includes all the features you’ll need
ShredIt Android features:
– Wipes free space of internal and external storage (flash drive memory)
– Proven Track Record ShredIt software has been successfully wiping data for over 15 years.
– Easy to use Simple instructions will have you up and running in less than a minute. With an accurate time estimate and status display, you’ll know exactly whats happening and how long it will take.
– Optional Standards Compliance With US Department of Defense (DoD 5220), US Department of Energy (DoE) electronic shredding standards, Gutmann
– Overwrite Options A configurable overwrite pattern and number of overwrites.

Using ShredIt to wipe an Android phone, tablet or TV is easy!
Here’s what you do:
1. Delete the private data and private apps from your device
2. Run Shredit Android
3. From the Settings screen, pick your overwrite options and run the app.
4. Your overwrite options determine how long it takes the job to complete. If you choose more overwrites, like using the Gutmann 35 standard, the job will take longer. You can watch the progress on the Progress screen.
5. ShredIt Android does the rest for you. When the operation is complete, the private data on your Android device will be wiped so it cant be recovered.

Drive Download 4.3.2

Type: Demo
Cost: $1.49
Size: 2.33 MB
Release date: Dec 09 2021
Platform: Android
Publisher’s Site:  https://burningthumb.com
Publisher’s Product Page:  https://burningthumb.com/apps/drive-download-android/
Country: Canada

Drive Download

Drive Download makes it easy to remotely update files on your Android TV, tablet or phone. Just update your content in a folder on your Cloud Drive. On the schedule you set, Drive Download will update the content folder on one or many Android TVs, tablets or phones with your cloud drive folder. Drive Download can also be used to download files to a USB Stick or SD Card when used with an Android TV.

Drive Download features:
– Easy to Use
– Easy to Install
– Updates Automatically. Automatically update your device content with the content folder on your Cloud Drive
– Updates one or many Devices. Updates an unlimited number of devices
– Update on schedule or Download Right Now options
– Users Manual and online Tutorial provided.
– Supports both USB Sticks and SD Cards when used with Android TV


Using Drive Download to update an Android phone, tablet or TV is easy!
Here’s what you do:
1. Create a folder on your Cloud Drive
2. Tell each device where the folder is and how often to update
3. Drive Download does the rest for you, updating the folder on each Android TV, tablet and phone as often as you specified.

Video Kiosk 7.7

Type: Shareware
Cost: $15.99
Size: 3.68 MB
Release date: Jan 04 2022
Platform: Android
Publisher’s Site:  https://burningthumb.com
Publisher’s Product Page:  https://burningthumb.com/apps/video-kiosk/
Country: Canada

Video Kiosk

Turn your Android device into an easy to use, reliable, robust, secure Android kiosk to loop video | images | web content in minutes. Easy to use, you’ll have your Android TV | tablet | phone playing a loop and running unattended, reliably and robustly with minimal set up.

Video Kiosk has a flexible screen display. Use full screen for video loop player or digital signage. Use split screen for digital signage with widgets. Use with hotspots for an interactive, touchscreen kiosk. Control playback order using folder order or a playlist. Control playback time using a schedule, by device location or using motion detection.


Customize the screen when using Digital Signage Widget Mode. Display multiple widgets and URLs in resizable widget areas. Use Overlays to display graphic in front of the media and backgrounds to display backgrounds or background audio behind the media. Customize the screen orientation – vertical or horizontal.

Secure and robust, Video Kiosk has access management options for controlling access to the Kiosk software and for controlling access to the device, such as password protection, and device lock down for interactive kiosks. It also has built-in logic to recover from common sources of playback interruption.

With built-in remote management and tracking, you can monitor, update, secure and control your devices in the field. Remotely update the settings and the content loop from the cloud to your off-site video kiosk android devices without leaving the office.

Video Kiosk has everything you’ll need to have your video kiosk displaying what you want, how you want and running, unattended and reliably in minutes.