4Easysoft Blu-ray Player

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4Easysoft Blu-ray player supports playing almost all types of DVD discs/folders/ISO files and Blu-ray discs/folders/ISO files. It can also play SD/HD/UHD video files. You can enjoy the wonderful audio/image effect without quality loss. Key functions: 1. Support DVD disc/folder/ISO file 4Easysoft Blu-ray player can be used as a professional DVD player, helping you play DVD discs, DVD folders and ISO files with smooth images and high video/audio quality. It clearly displays various scenes in the interface and enables you to play DVDs from the main menu. 2. Play audio/images with high quality You can also adjust the volume and select tracks, audio equipment, and audio channels for a powerful audio-visual experience. This Blu-ray player software ensures you hear every nuance of a Blu-ray movie without losing any quality. 3. Manage Blu-ray and 4K videos and playlists You can put all your favorite TV shows, movies, TV series, music albums, video collections, DVD movies, Blu-ray creations and more in a single playlist, then have everything right in front of you at once and play in order automatically. 4. Offers an intuitive interface and rich functionality This Blu-ray player software is your best choice to play various media files with a lot of useful playback functions. You can enjoy the best picture/sound quality and special user experience.