Affordable, Professional Web Site Translation

OnTheGoSystems introduces – a new website translation service for small to medium sized websites, delivering affordable professional human translation.


ICanLocalize enables translation of complete websites into a variety of languages. It employs professional translators and uses a unique process to deliver up to 60% saving. This new service provides a complete solution for website translation and produces human translated websites in ready-to-publish condition.

Their system extracts texts, lets translators translate in-context and then, builds the entire multi-lingual website. Because the system eliminates the work-intensive task of editing HTML pages, translators can concentrate on translation only. This saves time and makes the translation more accurate and easier to use and maintain.

When the translation is done, the system builds the entire website based on the original HTML, with translated texts. Clients can create their translated website in a variety of ways, including a single multi-lingual website or multiple independent websites on different domains.


The system helps clients and translators communicate directly to clearly convey project needs and resolve fine details. Requirements, such as instructions for SEO (search engine optimization), or clarifications can be added directly on the website ­ visible to translators only, to be used during the translation.

The system also keeps translated websites accurate and up-to-date. It detects changes in the original-language pages and creates new revisions for the translated pages. These new revisions only include new or modified sentences, so clients only need to pay for updating the translation.

ICanLocalize only employs professional bilingual translators. The identity of all translators is manually verified to provide a safe working environment. In addition, before working on live projects, all translators are qualified in-house to guarantee proficiency and high work standard.

A built-in payment escrow service, integrated in the project flow, protects both clients and translators. Together with an efficient arbitration process, ICanLocalize delivers a reliable way to translate websites, pay and get aid.

ICanLocalize’s translation system requires Windows XP/Vista and Internet connection. You can find more information about this service in their website: