Two Pilots has released new versions of Pilot-software for digital photo
correction: Beauty Pilot, MakeUp Pilot, Pet Eye Pilot, Retouch Pilot, and Wire Pilot. Each of them is a Windows application that can be installed as a plug-in in a user’s favourite photo editor like Photoshop and as a standalone program as well.


Two Pilots’ photo software are characterized by:
– not many tools served by easy user interface, clear even for inexperienced amateur in photography;
– original algorithms created with inventive approach to development.

Beauty Pilot allows you to conceal skin imperfections on a photo and bring out the beauty in women’s digital portraits.


MakeUp Pilot, a cosmetic kit built into your computer, erases any spots on the skin (moles, warts, pimples, heat-spots, etc.). The program will make any photo into a perfect professional-level portraits to send to friends or save in the family album.

Perspective Pilot allows you to correct linear perspective on urban landscape photos by just setting a line, which should be either vertical or horizontal.

Pet Eye Pilot is software for cats and dogs. When you take pictures of your pets with flash you often get the “red eye effect”. The program can easily correct blue, green or yellow pets’ eyes and fix red eye effect on human portraits as well.

Retouch Pilot restores scanned old photos by removing any defects that arise from long-term storage of a still picture: fixer stains, scratches and worn spots.

Wire Pilot allows you to retouch linear objects like wires, posts, and antennas to enhance outdoor scenes. Applying a smart patch from one area of an image to another you can delete any unwanted objects involving a complex background.

Have you got a favorite photo editor? If no, you are invited to try the Pilot-software. If so, add the Pilots-plugins to your photo editor and the combination will be more useful. All is in agreement with your desire!

The program works on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista platforms.
The photo plugins page:
Prices are from 29.95 to 49.95 USD for a single-user license. For more information about these photo software contact Two Pilots.