Auto File DRM Encryption Tool

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Auto File DRM Encryption Tool was developed with EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver(EEFD) SDK. The tool can encrypt the file transparently in file system level, it allows you to embed the digital rights management( DRM) data to the encrypted files. It allows you to protect the sensitive files from end to end, the encrypted files always stay encrypted in the disk. It allows only the authorized processes or users to read the encrypted file, the unauthorized processes or users only can get the raw cipher text of the encrypted file. The tool allows you to share the file securely, you can manage your own custom DRM data in your central server, you can grant or revoke the file access anytime and anywhere, you will know who and when the encrypted files were read.


The EEFD provides a comprehensive security solution to develop the transparent on access file level encryption products, to encrypt the newly created files transparently, to authorize or block the on access encryption/decryption under the control of client-defined policy. With the EEFD SDK, you can setup the control policies to protect your encrypted files, prevent your sensitive files from being read or copied out. With the access control policies, you can setup the whitelist processes or users who can read the encrypted files, they can get the clear text of the encrypted files. You can setup the blacklist processes or users who cant read the encrypted files, they will get the raw cipher text of the encrypted files.

With the embedded DRM in the encrypted file, you can protect and monitor your business critical document such as intellectual property and product design, wherever it lives or travels. To encrypt the files with the extra digital rights management data, you can control the encrypted file with the custom DRM, to expire your encrypted file, grant or revoke the control of the encrypted files anywhere and anytime even they were distributed.