AutoLisp Source 1.1

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AutoLISP source code can be run on AutoCAD or IntelliCAD (Bricscad, ProgeCAD, Cadopia, etc.), on any number of computers. There are 6 programs for:
– “Triangulation” will generate triangular 3DFACE entities, on the convex hull of the set of points,
– “Load XYZ and 4D files”; file types: x y z color, x y z scalar, x y z r g b, no. x y z code,
– “B-spline control polygon and interpolated contour lines” creates the control polygon and interpolates a POLYLINE with cubic B-Spline; the interpolated curve passes through the initial points and you can control its curvature; you can also generate interpolated contour lines,
– “Intersect 2 3DFACE and contour lines” intersects 2 triangular 3DFACE entities and generatea the contour lines,
– “Modify longitudinal profile” contains 3 new commands which increase productivity in the modification of drawings
YTE changes the Y texts of some points, relative to an origin point,
XTE changes the X text of some points, relative to X=0 of the current UCS,
PTE inserts elevation and slope with triangle on a POLYLINE,
– “DWG to XYZ” converts a DWG file to an XYZ file of points.
The price is per program.
You can test these programs in their executable shareware versions, from the programs in which they were implemented:
– RTOPO Hydrology CAD for topography,
– Topography in AutoCAD or BricsCAD,
– Cut and fill volume in AutoCAD or BricsCAD.