C# Excel Cell Format 2022.9.9454

Product Page: https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/excel/examples/excel-number-formats



Almost every business relies on spreadsheets for some process aspect critical to future growth. Maybe it is a breakdown of employee timesheet tracking or an insightful report on sales projections for the upcoming busy season. Regardless of the application, these consumers require the standard formatting they grew up using on Microsoft Excel. However, you don’t have the time or money to waste on expensive solutions from Microsoft Excel or Excel Interop. You certainly do not want to waste your team’s resources on buggy, open-sourced solutions. So what do you do?


IronSoftware has announced a new tool called C# Excel Cell Format that allows you to safely and reliably integrate the same cell formatting features your end users expect without needing other, less efficient solutions. It fully supports .NET 5, Core, Standard, Framework, and Azure and allows you to create, read, edit, and manipulate spreadsheets inside of your native project’s environment. This is achieved by working with spreadsheets as System.Data.DataSet and System.Data.DataTable objects.

Your end users will be able to easily and quickly convert common file types like XLS, XLSX, JSON, CSV, TSV, and more, as well as export or import these file types for ease of sharing data and improving company communication. That is a massive benefit, considering how many organizations have moved to a remote or hybrid work model where online file sharing is critical to success. That means when you add C# Excel Cell Format to your application or project, you are intrinsically adding more value to the end user.

The entire tool is available for free while you are still in development mode. You can learn more about the supportive documentation and use case instructions at https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/excel/examples/excel-number-formats. The only time you need to purchase a license from https://ironsoftware.com/csharp/excel/ is when you are ready for deployment.