Cryptainer Enterprise Encryption Software

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Cryptainer Enterprise Encryption software uses strong Blowfish at 448 bits and AES at 256 bits. Cryptainer Enterprise has all the functionality of Cryptainer, plus an additional administrative module for password recovery. The end-user interface is identical to that of Cypherix products, the award winning, easy-to-use encryption software. Cryptainer protects your privacy by keeping your data private and secure on your PC as well as on your removable storage. Specially tailored to meet the growing security and privacy needs of the enterprise user, combines the ease of use and simple drag-and-drop operations. Extra Protection Using License Key feature embeds your license key into the vault. This way Cryptainer Enterprise installs with the same license key can open the vault. Other Cryptainer installs will not be able to access your data even with the password. Administrative module provides single point control and monitoring of distributed vaults.


Cryptainer Enterprise protects any file, folder, pictures, media with strong encryption on any Windows PC. Simple, Secure encryption program that creates vaults within which all sensitive information can be stored. Once mounted, the vault behaves as a standard windows drive. Cryptainer includes Password strength and monitor meter for setting up effective and strong passwords. Just Drag and Drop to hide any data of any kind in a strong password protected vault. Cryptainer’s ease of use and deployment coupled with its speed and versatility makes it an ideal security tool for all environments. Cryptainer includes virtual keyboard and privilege mode option that can help to prevent a keylogger from capturing keystrokes. Cryptainer Enterprise ensures complete security for your data and protects access to your data. Hides all data on any media. Save Encrypted vaults to Cloud Storage Providers. Shred files securely. Send secure email. Runs on all versions of Windows PC. A must have for every business.