Deploy PDF Creation with ReaSoft Printer 3.5

ReaSoft Development today launches the immediate availability of ReaSoft Printer 3.5 that is aimed to convert to PDF file any application that has a printing functionality. The latest release contains embedded fonts, applying stationery, file compression, PDF file protection, system logs support. PDF Printer unveils a truly comprehensive set of capabilities for working with PDF documents within a sleek, modern user experience.


Millions of users have already established PDF as a trusted format that enables documents to flow between companies and across the gap between digital and print. With ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5, ReaSoft Development is enabling professionals in a wide variety, such as marketing, manufacturing, finance, IT, legal, engineering use PDF Printer to communicate and collaborate within the context of their work. Business analysts can easily collect and more securely route sensitive financial data; architects can enable clients and contractors to review and markup blueprints and proposals; and creative professionals can efficiently publish to print with the highest fidelity and reliability.

Today ReaSoft Development is glad to introduce an upgrade to the company’s powerful tool, PDF Printer. This is a software that installs on your computer as a virtual printer, so if you want to create a PDF file all you need to do is print from any Windows application. ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5 enables to reliably create, combine, and control PDF documents for easy, more secure distribution and collaboration.


ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5 can be used for both personal and commercial purposes just like the previous version, ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5 is available in three editions: Standard, Lite, and Server. ReaSoft PDF Printer Standard Edition is the industry standard of PDF creation software with a wide range of options and settings.

ReaSoft PDF Printer Lite Edition is designed for simple, one-click PDF creation without saving dialog and security features. ReaSoft PDF Printer Server Edition is designed to use in a multi-server environment. You can install it on a Windows server and any user can install by connecting to a shared PDF printer.

In comparison with the similar software, ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5 has many advantages. One of the brightest feature of ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5 is that the user can apply different kinds of stationery to the converted file. Whether you want to print a document on the letterhead with logo and corporate design or to add a smart background, watermark header or footer, pick one of the options on a stationery bookmark.

Another important feature of ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5 is fonts embedding. It means for example that if you have a document with the Chinese fonts any other user will be able to read it correctly on his or her PC even if the Chinese font isn’t installed. That is why embedded fonts are an indispensable feature in ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5. Varying from the edition, PDF Printer may have full (Server Edition) and partial (Standard) fonts embedding. Lite edition doesn’t support fonts embedding.

Some other important features in ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5 contain easy-to-use profile settings which help you to save and load your own configuration on creation of PDF documents.

Most probably that if you are working in the office, all your computers are connected to each other by the means of Intranet. This network allows the users to share the information between each other as well as to share the installed software as printers and scanners with the other computers in a local area. But sharing a virtual PDF printer has always been a bit more complex. That’s one of the primary reasons ReaSoft has come out with an easy-to-use virtual PDF driver that doesn’t need to be installed directly on any computer on the network

ReaSoft PDF Printer Server Edition allows to control the actions of the users with the help of logs. It means that admins set up user and group settings to control how users work with the printer. Custom PDF settings, such as security parameters or document processing can be assigned by admins to a group or to an individual user. ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5 fully supports Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe environments.

Pricing & Availability:
ReaSoft PDF Printer 3.5 is available for free download and evaluation at

The price of registering program is 24.95 US Dollars for the Lite edition, 49.95 US Dollars for the Standard edition and 299.00 US Dollars for the Server edition.

System Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 Server / Vista

About ReaSoft Development: Founded in 1999, ReaSoft Development is a IT company specializing in producing highly efficient, well-made and user-friendly software to meet the needs of both business professionals and amateur home users. For more information, visit

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