DiskDeleter Pro Lets You Shred Your Hard Disk

If you are an ordinary user or a PC technician, for a small fee you can use DiskDeleter Pro as a tool to clean up any old equipment you might be selling to other people.


IRVINE, California – October 9, 2008: BluestSoft, Inc. today announces DiskDeleter Pro 3.0.0, a Windows application that lets users erase hard drive data permanently. The new version allows the user to install DiskDeleter Pro onto up to 10 machines.

DiskDeleter Pro is pretty easy to use. Just download the utility from the BluestSoft website and run the execution file on any computer. In around 20 seconds, the program is able to erase 1 GB of hard disk data, including the Windows operating system. DiskDeleter runs faster and more reliably than any similar software because it is designed based on BIOS, which accesses hard drive directly without using any drivers. To ensure a secure and clean operation, DiskDeleter Pro uses a special erasing method based on the US Department of Defense DOD5220.22-M data clearing and sanitizing directive. The data previously contained on the hard disk is rendered completely unrecoverable even for the most advanced recovery software.

Another amazing function in DiskDeleter Pro is saving the delete report on the hard drive. It may be helpful when you erase data on the hard drive and take it to somewhere where there is no way to check if the data has been erased or not.


DiskDeleter Pro comes in very handy not only for home users who want to erase their personal information before selling or disposing of the aging hardware but also for enterprises that, for example, keep financial information about their clients on hard disks. In many countries, there’s a law regarding accurate credit transactions that requires businesses that possess or keep consumer personal information for a business purpose to take measures to protect against unauthorized access to the information. Consumer credit and personal information must be destroyed, and DiskDeleter Pro can help enterprises do it well.

If you store sensitive data on hard disk drives and you have a need to totally destroy it from time to time or before selling the computer, there’s no better way to insure the most secure and fast destruction than by using DiskDeleter Pro from BluestSoft. It is $39.95, including DiskDeleter CD (a CD bootable version) and DiskDeleter Floppy (a floppy bootable version).

Pricing & Availability: DiskDeleter Pro 3.0.0 runs under Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista and available immediately for $39.99 (US) through the BluestSoft store and BluestSoft authorized resellers worldwide. Licensed users get unlimited functionality, technical support and free minor updates. More information on the product, as well as its free demo is available from www.bluestsoft.com.

About BluestSoft: BluestSoft is a privately-held technology company, specializing in computer security software. The company has developed a wide range of software products to protect the security and privacy of home and corporate users alike from identity theft and divulging of information. Its veteran engineers are proud to stand behind such leading-edge products as DiskDeleter Pro, DiskDeleter CD, DiskDeleter Floppy, DiskDeleter ASP, and DiskDeleter USB The company is located in Irvine, California. For more information, visit http://www.bluestsoft.com.