Embarcadero Shines Light on Delphi Prism™ .NET Dev. System

New .NET tool enables developers to rapidly build
Web, RIA and desktop applications with .NET and Mono


Visit Embarcadero in Booth #316 during Microsoft’s Professional Developer’s Conference

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 27, 2008 – Embarcadero Technologies will preview Delphi Prism this week at the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference. A next-generation .NET development solution, Delphi Prism’s integrated managed code database engine targets Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Delphi Prism will allow developers to use the Delphi Prism programming language to build Windows .NET applications using the latest Microsoft .NET 3.5 technologies, such as WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET and LINQ. Delphi Prism also targets Mac OS X and Linux with open source CLR technologies such as Mono and Cocoa#.


According to Michael Swindell, vice president of products for Embarcadero Technologies, “Like a crystal splits light into multiple colors, Delphi Prism splits program code into multiple technologies knocking down platform, framework and database barriers. By fusing Web, RIA and desktop .NET application development with a powerful .NET database engine and heterogeneous ADO.NET connectivity, Delphi Prism will deliver an end-to-end managed code solution that targets Windows first and foremost, and Mac and Linux for added flexibility.”

A key to Delphi Prism’s multi-platform capabilities is the exclusive Oxygene technology licensed from RemObjects. Oxygene is a powerful Common Language Runtime (CLR) compiler engine that can support a variety of CLR-based platforms such as Microsoft’s .NET and the open source Mono runtime. Embarcadero has collaborated with RemObjects to develop Delphi Prism and is the exclusive licensee of Oxygene. RemObjects plans to release a full suite of Delphi Prism add-ons such as RemObjects Data Abstract middleware and Hydra .NET/Native code integration services.

Key features and benefits of Delphi Prism include:

· Complete solution for .NET Windows development: With fully CLS-compliant assemblies, developers have total access to all language and runtime features of .NET 3.5., including ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, WinForms and LINQ. Additionally, Delphi Prism can be installed as a plug-in to Visual Studio or run as a standalone development tool.

• Powerful full-featured Delphi Prism development language: Allows developers to write managed applications using a modern, powerful and easy-to-use object-oriented language with roots in Delphi and Object Pascal, and features such as generics, sequences, queries and parallel computing.

• Supports Mac OS X and Linux development with Mono CLR : Provides support for compiling to multiple CLR platforms, including Mono for Linux and Mac OS X. Complete Cocoa# support is included for building rich Mac OS X Cocoa-based user interfaces.

• Integrated Blackfish™ SQL ADO.NET database engine: The integrated Blackfish SQL database engine is a high-performance, light-footprint, SQL-92 compliant transactional database. Fully .NET based, it can be deployed embedded in-process or server. Blackfish SQL stored procedures can be written in the Delphi Prism language or any other CLR-compliant language such as C# or Visual Basic .NET. A Blackfish SQL engine runtime deployment license is included with Delphi Prism.

• dbExpress framework for building heterogeneous database applications: Seamlessly integrated into the ADO.NET framework, dbExpress, Delphi Prism provides developers with easy heterogeneous access to a wide variety of popular databases. Additionally, ASP.NET developers can provide support for membership, roles, profiles and the other features of the ASP.NET provider interface for multiple backend databases.

• DataSnap client creation: Supports development of multi-tier clients. With Delphi Prism, developers can interact with Delphi DataSnap application servers developed with Delphi 2009 for Windows and earlier versions. Clients can access server methods, as well as the traditional IAppServer interface-based DataSnap servers.

• Use a wide array of Visual Studio plug-ins and components. Provides access to the rich Visual Studio and .NET ecosystem, including Visual Studio plug-ins, MSBuild actions and third-party components from commercial, open source and freeware vendors.


Delphi Prism will be generally available later this year in English, French, German and Japanese languages.

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