Feyruna 2 – Save The Druids Of The Fairy Forest

November 17, Frankenthal, Germany – Jochen Kaercher today announces the release of Feyruna 2 – The Druids – the second chapter of a long-awaited popular arcade game. Feyruna 2 picks up just after the end of the first part. The game requires a combination of action and strategy to fulfill the mission.

In the first part the players had to defeat the Princes of Darkness to restore peace and order throughout the fairy forest. Today, the gameplay of Feyruna 2 is completely different. Dark Crystals appeared in the Fairy Forest and are now sapping the vital energy of all inhabitants. The crystals must be destroyed before they revive the Dark Princes, but so far it is not that simple, as they are immune to fairy magic. Only the mighty Druids can destroy them, but unfortunately they have already lost their power. The player has to supply the Druids with Magic Balls in order to restore their power. The evil servants of the Dark Princes aim to destroy the Magic Balls on their way to the Druids. The mission is to succeed in getting the Magic Balls to their destination.


The player needs to steer a Magic Ball around a series of platforms filled with different traps and perils straight into the hands of a waiting Druid. All the levels contain numerous Druids to be activated and a Dark Crystal that slowly gains power as time goes by. Each Druid is of different color, and the user has to alter the ball to the correct color for each Druid. Once all the Druids have been activated, they are able to destroy the Dark Crystal in a combined attack. The trick is to get Magic Balls to all the Druids before the crystal’s power is critical.

Each level comprises a single screen made up of multiple platforms. Once the player lets the ball go, it will begin rolling in a straight line, pretty much falling off of the first ledge it can find. The player can block it’s path with the mouse, while trap doors and magic portals allow to move the ball quickly from one platform to another. The player can pass the ball through rune stones that can change the ball’s color, provide a safely glide mode and more. Once the mission is cleared and the Druids have destroyed the crystal, the player moves on to the next task, progressing level by level across a map of the forest and the surrounding lands, just like in the first game.


Some of the levels are quite tricky, but the game offers plenty of tips for the user. The background art as well as atmospheric music and sound effects present a nice feeling of exploration. Most levels require a combination of action and strategy, while tricky puzzles need to be solved in bonus rounds. Another highlight are the boss levels, which offer an action-oriented gameplay style.

Feyruna 2 consists of 45 challenging levels. Up to 5 player profiles allow to save the progress of each family member. The player can choose 3 difficulty levels depending on the way he wants to pass through the game. Each level of the game has a detailed tutorial help to get started. Feyruna 2 introduces numerous new opponents and powerful Rune Magic that will help to defeat them. In order to rack the player’s brain the game includes a number of tricky puzzles to be solved. With the help of the intuitive mouse control it will be easy for the user to handle every level steering the Magic Ball. Feyruna 2 will be a perfect remedy from boredom and can be easily played by PC users of any age.

Feyruna 2 runs fine on Windows 98SE/ME/NT4/2000/XP and Vista. The minimum requirements are a Pentium 3 CPU, 20 MB on hard disk and 64 MB RAM.

Pricing and availability

The full version of the Feyruna 2 – The Druids is available at a unit price of 19.95 USD. It is also possible to purchase the “Feyruna Fanpack” that includes the full versions of “Feyruna – Fairy Forest” and “Feyruna 2 – The Druids” at a discounted price of 29.95 USD. So as to order the game, just complete the registration and receive a personal license key within 24 hours.

Download link: www.jochenkaercher.de/int/download/Install-Feyruna2-US.exe
Game screenshots : www.jochenkaercher.de/evaluation/feyruna2/Fey2-Hires.zip

About Jochen Kaercher Gamedesign

Jochen Kaercher is located in Germany and has been developing games since 1999. After creating free- and sharewaregames in the first years, he’s now focused on more complex titles, aimed especially at casual gamers. For more information, visit www.jochenkaercher.com.