Free C# PDF Library 2023.6.10

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Free C# PDF libraries provide developers with powerful tools for working with PDF files. These libraries offer a range of features to suit various PDF manipulation needs. You can create new PDFs, modify existing ones, and extract data from PDF documents, all without spending any extra money.


It provides an intuitive API that makes it easy to perform a wide range of PDF operations with minimal effort. This library allows you to generate PDF documents from scratch, merge existing PDFs, add images and text, and even apply encryption or digital signatures for enhanced security.It allows you to programmatically create PDF documents, extract text and images, and perform basic modifications to existing PDFs. This library offers a straightforward API and extensive documentation, making it a popular choice for developers who prioritize ease of use.

You can create PDFs from scratch, merge multiple PDFs, add annotations, and extract text and images effortlessly. This library also supports encryption and digital signatures to ensure document security while maintaining a lightweight footprint.

This library allows you to convert HTML content, including CSS and JavaScript, into PDF documents. It offers various customization options such as page size, margins, and headers/footers, making it ideal for generating PDFs from dynamic web content.

By leveraging the capabilities of free C# PDF libraries, you can streamline your PDF manipulation tasks, enhance your applications, and save valuable development time. So, go ahead and explore the possibilities these libraries offer and take your PDF handling to the next level. For information on these libraries visit