Dataland Software announces the release of version 3.0 of Agenda At Once, a refined personal data manager that now became even better at supporting your tasks. Its presence is non-intrusive, its interface is impeccable and its assistance is highly efficient.
When you have many responsibilities you have to keep in mind a number of tasks unless you dedicate it to a personal organizer. However, few of them can actually handle it without taking too much of your time and effort. Things are absolutely different when you use Agenda At Once, one of the most convenient personal information managers that will be of great help for everyone. It gives you exactly what you expect from that kind of software – complete awareness about your to-do list and planned events along with significantly reduced time spent on personal organization.


Agenda At Once has come a long way from a simple organizer to complete PIM software. Now it has each and every function that can come in handy: neat hierarchical to-do list, schedule planner, contacts database and quick note feature. In addition, it also supports file attachments, drag-n-drop controls, data encryption and can be used by multiple users via network. Still, it retained its basic advantage of being extremely easy-to-use and efficient. What makes the tool so handy is that you can get instant access to all relevant information from the combined screen. Basically, using Agenda At Once means that you have all data at hand any moment you need it.

When it comes to comparing Agenda At Once with similar software, the next stand out feature after its simplicity is its adaptability to individual user preferences. There are various visions of how PIM software can help with personal organization and any of them can be applied to Agenda At Once as it is completely customizable, including the combined screen layout. The intuitive interface lets you quickly adjust program settings the way you want it. Agenda At Once will never interfere with your working habits providing the assistance that you need.


Agenda At Once is a perfect solution for people willing to be properly organized without much effort. It will be of great help for users making first steps towards better discipline as well as organized people searching for more efficient means of personal organization. It will become your everyday assistant making sure that you always know what to do next. Please, visit to see more details and try out the latest release.

Pricing and Availability: Agenda At Once runs under Microsoft Windows 98 SE or higher and costs $39.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and free minor upgrades. Further information on Agenda At Once, as well as a free trial copy is available free of charge from

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