GPT Tools 2.1

Product Page:



Within any Windows application, highlight your text, press Ctrl and right-click to access the features of GPT Tools, a ChatGPT-powered tool.


Key features include:

Multilingual Spell Checking: GPT Tools checks spelling across 76 languages to enhance accuracy in your text.

Professional Proofreading: This feature aims to improve the fluency and clarity of your text, making it sound more native-like, regardless of your proficiency in the language.

Seamless Translation: Get accurate translations right where you wrote your text, eliminating the need for standalone translation apps.

Instant ChatGPT Answers: Ask a question anywhere in your text, and GPT Tools will provide an immediate response from ChatGPT.

Customizable ChatGPT Commands: This feature allows for personalized interactions with ChatGPT by letting you formulate your own commands, making the tool adapt to your needs for time efficiency.

Overall, GPT Tools is designed to be a user-friendly tool that supports multi-language text editing and translation within any Windows application, offering unique, time-saving capabilities for any user.