HDD Recovery Pro

The Undelete Company announces the release of HDD Recovery Pro, a brand-new product to undelete files, recover corrupted disks and partitions, and fix damaged file systems.


About HDD Recovery Pro: HDD Recovery Pro allows computer users without previous experience in data recovery to successfully repair logical damage on their hard drives and memory cards or unerase deleted files in a completely automatic manner. The product comes with intuitive wizard-like user interface that can be used by even unskilled computer user. HDD Recovery Pro automates the process of data recovery, allowing undoing damage caused by accidentally formatting the disk or deleting files.

The newly developed Smart Scan engine prioritizes the recovery of office documents, ZIP and RAR archives, and digital pictures in various formats over other types of files, ensuring priority handling of user’s work and private information. The Smart Scan engine accesses the disk in low level, scanning its surface sector by sector and matching the content with a set of pre-defined patterns in order to detect the beginning and end of each recognizable document. This, in turn, allows HDD Recovery Pro to discover and successfully restore files that would be otherwise irrecoverable.


HDD Recovery Pro works on all versions of Windows, and supports all revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems.

About The Undelete Company: The Undelete Company specializes in manufacturing of data recovery and disk restoration solutions. The company constantly researches its target area, currently working on reconstruction of damaged files in various formats. The Undelete Company offers the entire spectrum of software products to recover deleted files, damaged file systems and corrupted disks and partitions to home users, SOHO and corporate customers.