HTML to PDF React 2023.8.6

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Integrating the C# PDF library into a React application is a straightforward process. The library offers a range of APIs and utilities that enable developers to convert HTML content into PDFs with ease. The process typically involves rendering the HTML content within the React application, capturing the rendered output, and passing it to the C# PDF library for conversion into a PDF document.


One of the key advantages of using the C# PDF library for HTML to PDF conversion is its ability to preserve the formatting and layout of the HTML content. This ensures that the resulting PDF document closely resembles the original HTML content, including styles, fonts, images, and other elements. You can find the complete tutorial at

The C# PDF library also provides options for customizing the PDF output. Developers can specify page size, margins, headers, footers, and other settings to tailor the PDF document according to specific requirements. Additionally, the library supports adding watermarks, digital signatures, and encryption to the generated PDFs, enhancing their security and integrity.