Increase Productivity by Automating Standard Presentations

MomSoft has released PowerForms, an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that
takes the work and uncertainty out of creating and filling in standard
presentations. Working from within the familiar Microsoft PowerPoint
interface, PowerForms makes it easy to create new model presentations,
modify existing ones, and fill the models with the appropriate
information. By standardizing and automating your business’ standard
presentation processing, productivity increases, printing expenses
decrease, and errors become less and less frequent.


By creating standard presentations when they are needed, you can avoid
expensive printing and storage costs. PowerForms saves time by allowing
secretaries and data entry people to use presentation models as sales
brochures, proposals, reports and all types of presentations where much
of the wording is boilerplate.

PowerForms uses a simple, intuitive interface. All of your presentation
creation and markup takes place within Microsoft PowerPoint. Start with
any PowerPoint presentation and indicate the parts of the presentation
that should contain variable information. In minutes, you’ll have a
model presentation that can be used consistently throughout the office.


To fill in a model, simply click the PowerForms icon on the PowerPoint
toolbar. The program keeps all previously entered values, so you can
select and reuse them with a single click. When you have entered all of
the data, the form presentation be saved, printed, projected and treated
like any other standard PowerPoint presentation.

Whether you’re an office manager who needs to standardize the
presentations used by office staff, a sales person who needs to spend
less time composing documents and more time selling, a secretary who
wastes time sorting through dozens or hundreds of similar presentations,
or a business owner who wants to make everybody in the office more
productive, PowerForms has the tools that you need.

PowerForms requires Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows (version 2000 or
newer), and costs $39.95(US) for a single-user license. The program
comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase PowerForms
securely online from, or download a free,
fully functional 45-day trial version. Volume discounts, site and
corporate licenses are available.

For more information, contact MomSoft, Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, 17A,
Madrid 28050 Spain. Internet: Email:
[email protected]