ExtraMind Systems announces Instant Navigator 0.7, a plug-in for Microsoft OneNote, enhancing it with an instant “quick-as-you-type” search capability and some other productivity features.


Russia – July 28, 2008: Searching for a note in Microsoft OneNote can be a bit complicated. A typical user has hundreds if not thousands of notes he wants to find quickly. But OneNote doesn’t make it easy to do. When you search for a note, OneNote displays all instances of a keyword it finds inside pages, so you have to browse through an endless number of pages or go to the “Search” options to change search criteria, which you also do several times until you find what you want. Adding new notes every day makes things even more complicated.

Fortunately, there is a little plug-in called Instant Navigator, which is designed to help make things easy for you when it comes to finding a note in Microsoft OneNote. Once installed, Instant Navigator enhances OneNote with an instant “quick-as-you-type” search, which lets you find a note by its title with little or no effort at all. Just begin typing a relevant keyword into the search box and you’ll find the note instantly – often, as you type in the first letters of a keyword. When the note is found, click on it to load into OneNote. That’s pretty much you need to do.


Another specialty of search provided by InstantNavigator lies in its ability to find a keyword in the titles of notebooks, sections and pages, which is more convenient than in OneNote. If a word you’re searching for is contained in the title of a notebook or a section, OneNote includes the title into the general search results, making it impossible to navigate to the needed page quickly. Instant Navigator filters out all irrelevant results and displays exactly what you’re looking for.

“This is pretty exciting stuff, I am glad to see someone do this,” said Daniel Escapa, OneNote PM.

InstantNavigator integrates with Microsoft OneNote seamlessly and runs as a standalone application. To run the program, you need to click on its desktop icon or press the hotkey. By default, the hotkey is “Windows” + “Q” but it can be any other combination you specify. You can run Instant Navigator from anywhere in Windows.

Who can benefit from Instant Navigator?

Instant Navigator can benefit almost anyone who uses Microsoft OneNote to take notes on a regular basis. The following is a short overview of its benefits for different people. See more examples at
– Journalists. Writing a good article requires quite a lot of preparation, which basically means gathering information about the topic you’re going to write about. Use OneNote to collect and organize notes with photos, video, audio records and clippings from the Internet in sections. Quickly jump to the needed section using Instant Navigator when you want to add a new note or edit an old one.

– Students. When you give a report in class or answer questions, it’s essential to support what you’re talking about with facts, data, life examples and other information that makes you sound convincing. Use OneNote to take notes on the topic and find them quickly with Instant Navigator. Having an instant access to any piece of information can help you be better prepared for unexpected questions and give brilliant answers.

– Entrepreneurs. Keeping a client database and being able to find any contact quickly are essential for doing a successful business. Use OneNote to create a separate section for each client with the pages, such as ‘Contact’, ‘To-Do’, ‘Completed Orders’ and ‘Partnership Ideas’ or anything else you want to remember. Use Instant Navigator to find any client instantly whether you’re talking to him over the phone or processing the order.

“I think OneNote is gaining some traction in the market, and this certainly helps manage the growing amount of stuff I keep in the program,” said Scott W. Galbraith, P.E., M.C.P., Trailside Communications.

Available now, Instant Navigator 0.7 costs $9.95. The product runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 2000 and requires Microsoft Office OneNote 2007. A free 30-day trial is available.