Network Asset Tracker Pro lets the administrator of a large enterprise network save up to 90% on the time required for auditing and inventory of network assets. Clear, easy to grasp reports allow you to analyze the corporate pool of computers and upgrade hardware on time.


SEATTLE, Washington: MIS Utilities today announces Network Asset Tracker Pro 2.0, a new “Pro” edition of the popular tool, enabling you to generate a network inventory without the need of software installations on the remote computers.

The new “Pro” edition of Network Asset Tracker delivers the information in a more detailed manner and presents it as a tree, which is easy to review. Also a new capability lets you store inventory information in one of the following databases: MS Access, Firebird, MS SQL or Oracle. The “Pro” edition is aimed at enterprises with a large number of computers.


Network Asset Tracker Pro relies on WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to collect detailed system information. With just a mouse click the program scans all the computers of the enterprise network and reports back with full information about operating system, service packs, hot fixes, hardware, product keys and versions of the installed software and processes running on remote computers. It is able to search for computers in four different ways: across the entire current network segment, by IP address range, by domain and through manual entry of computer names. Once your machines have been added to the inventory list, you can reach out and gather information individually or for the entire group of machines – all this with just a mouse click!

Network Asset Tracker Pro is distinguished from its competitors for its simple configuration and clear interface, which does not embarrass the user with technological fluff, which in most cases is unnecessary. Getting started is easy. When you run the program for the first time, the wizard lets you select your database and after a few clicks Network Asset Tracker Pro is set.

All things considered, MIS Utilities’ Network Asset Tracker Pro is a simple, non-agent-based tool that can be a great help to companies. The product is reliable and has been adopted by many famous enterprises worldwide.

Explore the MIS Utilities’ site at to learn more about Network Asset Tracker Pro 2.0. Also, you can download its FREE evaluation copy to try it in action.

Pricing & Availability

Network Asset Tracker Pro 2.0 runs under Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. The cost of the registered version depends on the number of audit nodes tracked with the product and starts at $99 (US) for 25 nodes. The evaluation version of the product is available immediately through the MIS Utilities website or through a network of authorized resellers.