MacSonik Gmail to PDF Converter for Mac 21.4

Type: Shareware
Cost: $39
Size: 111.18 MB
Release date: Sep 11 2021
Platform: Mac OS X,
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Country: United States of America

MacSonik Gmail to PDF Converter for Mac


MacSonik Gmail to PDF Converter for Mac allows the users to migrate or backup the Gmail mailboxes into PDF format without causing any hindrance and preventing the files from loss of data. MacSonik Gmail to PDF Converter has various inbuilt features. Its Mail filter and Task filter help the users to convert the particular emails between a time gap. The custom folder name features are used to save the converted files by a name on Mac. This tool is equipped with an advanced feature where users can benefit of deleting identical emails after the conversion of the Gmail mailbox effortlessly. The software is developed using the most advanced technology that helps users in keeping the folder hierarchy and data integrity as the original. This utility also helps the users to convert your file with or without all the attachments into personal offline storage and also allows users to save the attachments separately. Its smooth and simple GUI makes the work easy and effective for all kinds of technical and non-technical users. Its a standard tool to back up the Gmail mailbox to PDF format safely and securely. It is specially designed to work only on Mac-based devices. The MacSonik Gmail to PDF Converter for Mac is widely compatible with all the major versions of Apple Mac, including the major and latest version, 10.15.7 (Catalina). MacSonik Gmail to PDF Converter for Mac is an advanced tool that effectively operates on macOS. This Software helps to remove the same emails from the conversion process of Gmail emails to PDF. One of the best features of this tool is users can set the upcoming schedule to convert Gmail emails to PDF accordingly Once, every day, every week, On a weekday, every month.