Total Gameplay Studio announces Penguins Mania 1.0, a simulator of a penguin life based on figure-clicking action. You are to look after penguins helping them to create a tribe. You’ll also make friends with some nice pets and enjoy a compelling storyline.

Penguins Mania starts off with a sudden flee of a penguin tribe. The reason why they moved from their snug place is vague but they rushed so quickly that they left behind two eggs. These two newly-hatched penguins become the first characters that need your help. Your mission is to protect them from various hazards and give them food, so that after growing up they can hatch more eggs and repopulate the penguin colony. Along with restoration of the tribe, you will gradually reveal the story of your predecessors and know what they feared so much. All actions in the game are performed with clicks, so you can control all that’s going with the mouse only.


Keeping penguins safe and sound may seem quite an easy task, but it is actually a very serious challenge. Penguins are very sensitive and if they don’t eat for a while they die, so you have to catch fish and make sure they get one whenever they’re hungry. But making them satisfied is only part of the job as penguins are exposed to many threats. Wild animals as well as cunning poachers may harm cute penguins and you mustn’t let it happen by clicking on the appeared foes several times to scare them away. When penguins are okay and not hungry, they drop the so-called ‘happy tokens’ resembling gold coins that can be spent on hatching new penguins that will bring you more coins. In order to succeed, you must reach a certain number of gold coins.

Penguins Mania is divided into levels. Each following level needs more coins to collect, allows hatching new kind of penguin and opposes more serious enemies. To safeguard the colony, you can spend coins on acquiring new pet friends. Choosing out of 12 charming pets, you receive bonuses, for example, the dog guards penguins, the dolphin catches fishes, etc. Besides, there’s a way to unlock a special kind of penguin, by clicking the right combination on the magic fish you collect. All the features turn the game into a diversified arcade puzzle where you have to use your wits, balancing between gold collecting, penguin protection and solving fish puzzles.


Penguins Mania offers an intriguing opportunity to follow the life of cute penguins from the moment they hatched till they become leaders of the colony. And there are trophies you can collect achieving different goals. What’s more, there is the second game mode where you breed penguins in real-time for profit. In both modes the game is a great challenge for your reaction and attentiveness. Please, visit to get the free trial of the game.

Pricing and Availability

Penguins Mania runs under all versions of Microsoft Windows and costs $19.50 (USD) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to the fully-functional version of the product, free technical support and free upgrades. Additional information on Penguins Mania, as well as a free trial copy is available free of charge from