Multi-user Desktop Now Reality in TeamPlayer

WunderWorks, an interaction solutions company, announced today it will make available a free version of its TeamPlayer multi-user, multi-mouse-keyboard software on November 1, 2008.


WunderWorks, the company that supplies IBM, Barco and other global brands with specialized multi user software, releases a free downloadable version of its TeamPlayer software. It enables multiple users to work together on a single standard Windows computer. The software works with multiple mice and keyboards or other input devices in all existing software.

The Dutch company developed the knowledge and software that allows multiple users to work together on one PC. Its products are already delivered to OEM’s around the world; it will now also offer modular product components to the office and retail market starting with WunderWorks’ TeamPlayer software.


CEO Árpád Gerecsey: “We believe multi-user software is the next big thing. Although PC’s have become standard equipment in almost any environment, up until now only one person could work on a PC. Turning the desktop into a public space will bring true digital collaboration within reach. Although multi-touch is really hot right now, it doesn’t cover the whole matter, since it is not identifying the individual user. Also, it has a serious crowding issue, since you can only have so many people at the same time standing in front of or around a multi-touch screen. Our software allows anyone to just stay in their seat and so works with all existing software.

Business meetings, educational sessions and creative gatherings will all benefit from our software. They will not be about one person controlling the mouse and keyboard anymore; anyone can work on the desktop at any time. You can even include your digital whiteboard as an input device. For instance in educational environments teachers can now SIMULTANEOUSLY involve many students in the classroom, and they do not have to get up to work on the digital whiteboard. You can even include the existing whiteboard as an input device. Consultants can easily involve their brainstorm groups and get rid of sticky notes, flip-overs etc., while parents at home can sit next to their child and together use the computer, simply by adding an extra mouse to the PC. True live digital collaboration is finally here, and people love it!”

The TeamPlayer 2.0 beta will be released on 29 October. WunderWorks will add new features monthly, including functionalities like multi-user white boarding, a Sandbox, to create your own simple multi-user apps, teacher modules, remote PC/IP input and even an on-line version. Other releases such as its BrainStorm+® application and a PowerPoint® plug-in are planned for December 2008.

Barco says: “…enhanced efficiency, communication and commitment from our operators…” University InHolland says: “the teacher sits in with the students, and they work through the material together, teaching each other as they go…” . ARCADIS thinks “interactivity with householders, entrepreneurs and managers is exceptionally important. WunderWorks offers great features, which allow our participants to work together on the screen”. A mother says: “I can now assist my five year old, while he discovers the computer, without having to fight him for control over the mouse or keyboard .”

You can visit for a free version of the WunderWorks’ TeamPlayer 2.0. beta

About WunderWorks

The Personal Computer will not be personal anymore. For decades Single Display Groupware (SDG) was a much sought-after commodity, allowing all participants in a meeting to work together on the same screen. With the advent of multi-touch screens, digital whiteboards and a string of new input devices like tablets, mobile phones, Nintendo®’s Wiimote and Microsoft®’s multi-touch screen in Windows 7, the world is ready to turn the desktop into a group environment. By enabling multiple users sharing single user applications or working together in multi-user applications that future is now realized by WunderWorks’ TeamPlayer software.

WunderWorks is a software and solutions company, founded in 2005 in the Netherlands. WunderWorks focuses on improved multi-user interaction and collaboration. It has developed the MUSL® principle (multi-user, single location) through which knowledge of group dynamics is translated into viable electronic group interaction. It has been awarded several prizes and nominations for its innovative research and products.

After an initial seed round in 2007, it recently acquired a large credit line, backed by both ABN Amro Bank and Dutch Government.