Pdf Copy Protection for Android ttdsoft

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ttdsoft PDF Copy Protection for Android is a solution program / software tool to prevent all your pdf files from unauthorized copy and distribution. Once protected (encrypted) using this software ,encrypted (protected) pdf(s) files can be played from many medias such as SD Card .USB & OTG flash drive (FAT32 formatted) and Mobile internal storage .Android Encrypted (protected) pdf files can be read in all types of android devices such as Mobile , TAB , Smart TV & Android Projector
This software can encrypt ( Copy Protect) a wide range of pdf file formats, It has high level encryption technology for your pdf files, which cannot be illegally copied & read into another android device as android encrypted pdf(s) is/are hardware bind with one Android device at a time ,It has very strong Anti capturing technology for your pdf files, by which your pdf cannot be recorded/captured , screenshot , by any software or app in android devices
Main Features:
Copy protection: Prevent any unauthorized access to the pdf files, stop illegal play, anti recording, anti screenshot, and other modification of the pdf files.
Set Valid period: It is possible to set the pdf files access for valid period and If the limits are exceeded, the user cannot access the pdf(s) contents any more
User authentication The user can not access protected (encrypted) pdf files without the password. The publisher can directly set up the password with valid period
Set different File ID(s): Different File ID(s) can be set for different set(s) of pdf files, so that one only password is required for one android device, for one set of pdf files
Support Windows ( 32 & 64 bits) Windows 7 and more
Support Android Version 6.0 and up