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Have you ever needed to split, compress, merge unlock or lock a PDF file before but wasn’t sure which program was the best to use? Introducing: PDF Tools! Flled with handle features, this app is free to use on android devices today!


If you are on Android 9 or an earlier version, you can still use these features.

To split, combine, compress, unlock, lock, and rotate PDF files offline, use the simple-to-use program PDF Tools.

The PDF Tools app has a batch mode for processing numerous PDF files. For instance, it merely takes a few clicks to encrypt or compress all PDF files on your phone.

We also offer free online services for splitting, compressing, unlocking, locking, and rotating PDF files.


– PDF tools is always and will always be free, there are no hidden costs or fees.
– You can process your file with just a few button taps! This software is easy to use and has a clean user interface
– You can choose multiples files at once, or if you prefer, you can choose a folder and add multiple files into it
– Save the remaining PDF pages after removing any unwanted ones, single page deletion makes it easy to keep your work tidy!
– You can combine unlimited PDF files into a single PDF file.
– You can reduce the overall size of the PDF file by compressing the photos.
– Passwords and other security measures can be used to protect PDF files! Keep your private files for the intended viewers only
– Select a number of files or a folder and add every file to it. Remove all limitations and passwords for PDFs.
– PDF pages can be rotated by 90, 180, or 270 degrees.
– Invert the background, text, and image colors in the PDF document.

If you’re looking for a free PDF editor that lets you have a wide range of choices with how your files are handled, this is the program for you. You can combine unlimited PDFs into a single file, password protect and encrypt your files and so much more!