RDS Remote Support 3.50

Product Page: https://www.rds-tools.com/rds-remote-support/



Existing solutions like TeamViewer are unnecessarily complex and prohibitively expensive! The RDS-Tools alternative is called RDS-Remote Support, a full SaaS solution.


RDS-Remote Support enables your team to fix issues remotely, provide unattended maintenance and updates to RDS servers and endpoint PCs, and assist remote users and clients via screen sharing and remote control, securely, via encrypted connections.
Rich of about 20 features, RDS-Remote Support allows providing Remote Assistance with an easy-to-use interface designed to meet the needs of both agents and end-users.
Agents can remotely control the screen, mouse, and keyboard of end-users with just one mouse click from the end-user. Agents can work independently or collaboratively, with multiple agents able to connect to the same remote computer.
Both agents and end-users have a customized chat box, which allows file transfer, language selection, sending command lines, multi-monitor support, clipboard synchronization and gives access to remote computer information about the OS, hardware, and user account.
Remote sessions can aslo be recorded to send them to your clients for a better customer service experience.

End-users and support agents can start quickly and easily by downloading and running a simple program. The end-user simply shares their ID and password with the agent, and the connection is established quickly. Our servers do all the hard work.
Support agents can even customize the connection client program with their own branding for a more streamlined experience for their customers.
Agents can add remote machines to the list of available unattended computers and access them with three available actions: connect, open command prompt, and remove. They can be organized by groups.

Remote Support leverages the power of industry-standard TLS encryption to ensure the security of your remote support sessions.