Reshape Disk “On the Fly”, Without Destroying Data.

July 23, 2008 – EASEUS Releases Partition Manager Home Edition v. 1.6.4


Partition Magic Alternative – EASEUS Partition Manager, the free alternative for commercial Partition Magic, create, delete, format or move a logical disk to reallocate the free space or simply comply with system requirements of a tricky application – every so often, sooner or later, most of us face the need to reshape our hard disks. Now all that is possible without having to wipe out the entire disk and then reinstall all the software back.

EASEUS Partition Manager performs like the Partition Magic and is a free alternative with all types of basic and advanced file system functions: resizing and moving partitions, creating new and deleting (one or all) partitions, formatting partitions and “sticking up” labels to them, viewing disk or partition properties, marking partition as active, hiding and un-hiding partitions with state of art magic.


Since the software of this kind “ought to be” overcomplicated (doubting folks may take a glance at other similar solutions like Partition Magic), the developers made an extra effort to make their application easy to get along with. The majority of operations are intuitive and don’t require the in-depth knowledge of all IT tricks: simply click on the “disk” (partition) to be managed and then choose the required action on the Partitions menu; e.g., Resize.

At the same time, in the era of security threats spreading all over the world, it’s unaffordable to give up the safety and confidence for the tinsel marvelous appearance and ease of operation. The free Partition Magic alternative-EASEUS Partition Manager was made to keep the main focus on the accuracy and safety of its operations, so, for example, before deleting data off a disk, the program will clarify whether you want to just delete the partition or you’d like to wipe every byte of data off it.

The software takes a load off your head by “remembering” for you some little things that matter. For example, it won’t let you create a FAT16 partition of size larger than 4 Gigs or let you place the old Windows systems their boot code further than the first 2016 MB of the partition. It works like a smarter Partition Magic.

Although the software performs a specific, quite narrow set of actions, users of many categories can find benefits in it. Thus, corporate users can obtain a powerful partition manager, ready to handle quickly yet securely both individual drives and RAID arrays. At the same time, home users can get an easy yet accurate utility for managing their disk space and, on top of that, enjoy the FREE registration of their copy of the software, the wonderful alternative for Partition Magic, EASEUS Partition Manager.