Secure Anti-keygen Protection for Shareware Applications

April 15, 2008 – SeriousBit today announces SeriousBit Ellipter 1.1.1, a .NET library that enables small and medium-sized shareware companies to take advantage of the new anti-keygen technology to secure their intellectual property and reduce development time. By introducing the security method based on elliptic curves asymmetric cryptography, Ellipter 1.1.1 makes it impossible for the hacker to create a keygen for a shareware product.


Using Ellipter, shareware developers can add licensing protection to their software that will enable it to create and verify product keys securely. The capability is based on the unique asymmetric technology of encryption that uses elliptic curves to increase the security of the entire algorithm and reduce the length of generated keys (only 29 characters when no product information is embedded). Once integrated, Ellipter makes it impossible for the hacker to create a keygen by reverse-engineering the code of the application, or even having full access to it.

A generated license key contains ID, which ensures the uniqueness of a license key and makes it possible to identify it. The key may also contain additional product information, which can be used for specific software features. A typical key generated by Ellipter looks similar to QTQFZK-FST6AS-FMDSCA-CLMPH7-1QUAA.


Initially, the product started as a library for in-house use but later on SeriousBit decided to make a commercial version for anyone else to benefit from its technology. The company uses Ellipter to protect its own products and until now there’s been no keygen to any of them.

“The new SeriousBit Ellipter could save shareware companies thousands of dollars from lost revenues due to piracy, if they choose to apply the new technology, says Dana Carp, CEO and founder of SeriousBit. For a small fee, it lets you add the most secure anti-keygen protection without having to develop it on your own, or spend money to hire someone else to do the job. We think that small business owners will find this proposition quite compelling and it could translate to significant increases in their profitability.”
SeriousBit Ellipter includes the redistributable licensing component, licensing User Interface and management functionality. The library can be integrated into your own back-end systems by writing just three lines of code.
Protect your intellectual property from piracy for $99.95.

Pricing & Availability: SeriousBit Ellipter 1.1.1 requires .NET Framework 2.0 or higher, supports such platforms as Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and supports IDE such as Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. The library costs $99.95 (USD) and distributed royalty free. Discounts for volume buyers are available. Licensed users get free technical support and bug fixing updates for the life of the product. Additional information about the library, C# and Visual Basic examples, as well as a trial is available at

About SeriousBit: Founded in 2007, SeriousBit develops system utilities and tweakers for Windows OS. The company is the author of such products as EnhanceMyVista, EnhanceMyXP, and UndeleteMyFiles. More information is available at


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