Sketching Icons for Windows Vista Made Easier

Aha- Soft announces the update of IconLover, a handy tool to create and edit Windows icons and manage icon collection. The updated version makes it easier to sketch icons by allowing printing empty grids for easier sketching, or printing existing icons with a grid. Featuring enhanced support for 32-bit true color and 16-bit full color icons while generating standard-compliant Windows icons, IconLover has made yet another step to being an all-in-one solution for professional and amateur icon designers altogether.


Sketch, draw and modify icons easily with IconLover! Being an all-in-one solution for the professionals as well as amateur designers, IconLover offers an extensive feature set to anyone who designs, makes or collects Windows icons.

Professional icon designers will certainly appreciate the logical step-by-step approach to the icon creation process and meticulous care to every little detail. Used to pen and paper? IconLover will print you an empty grid to help you draw a sketch that is easy to transfer into digital. Feel cold when starting from a scratch? We’ll help you by printing an existing icon into the grid!


By unlocking the various color and resolution options while remaining within the defined standards for the Windows ICO format, IconLover opens endless creative opportunities.

Are you using a heavyweight graphical editing suite for making your icons just because it can work with layers? IconLover supports the layers, too! Add, remove and blend elements into your icons, and maintain a comprehensive library of effects and modifiers such as arrows and cross-marks that are easy to apply to any icon when needed.

Designing an icon for Windows Vista? IconLover is ready to help! With the support of all the new formats and resolutions, IconLover is perfectly able to create and save an icon that will be compatible with Windows Vista and all earlier versions of Windows.

Are you an icon collector? IconLover helps you build and manage your collection by allowing extracting icons from executable files, DLLs, icon libraries and archives. Searching for icons on your computer and on the Internet makes IconLover a perfect tool for any serious collector.

About Aha-Soft: The company was founded in 2000 and specializes in creating icons and development of icon-related software. The company owns several successful icon-selling sites and created a number of popular utilities for icon editing, creation and management. For more information, please visit the company’s site at