Sulus Games announces the immediate availability of Gems Quest

Enjoy the Spirit of Adventure with Gems Quest!


Sulus Games announces the immediate availability of Gems Quest, a perfect mix of an enjoyable arcade game and exciting adventure. It provides players with an ultimate opportunity to enjoy 60 levels with compelling tasks to complete.

The game includes an innovative match 3 arcade mechanics. Gems Quest defines itself as a well-developed game with high-quality graphics and eye-pleasing special effects. The rules of the game are totally easy to learn, so you do not need to be a skilled match 3 player to get accustomed to the game mechanics. High-quality 3D episodes telling the story of the main hero are presented in a comic strip manner.


Since the very launch of the game the fleeting spirit of adventure will capture your thoughts and take you to a faraway country deep into the jungle. You will learn the story of young girl Sasha. In the book of legends she finds out that there is a cure of all illnesses: a very rare red flower. She needs it very much. So, gathering all her braveness she decides to take a trip to deep jungle forests, the only place on earth where the rare flower is said to grow. We are meeting Sasha the moment her doggy, finds a marking on the ground that signifies an ancient temple. She quickly throws all reasons aside and ventures off to investigate.

Gems Quest has 60 professionally designed arcade levels. The objective is to move blocks with arrows by clicking on them to make matches. You can match three or more blocks. The gold you receive with a match fills the plate in totem’s hands. When the plate is full, the level is complete. Gems are moved indirectly by moving adjacent arrows. The direction of an arrow changes upon collision with the wall. The game also includes a new kind of Power Ups, helping you to collect more gold or break up obstacles.

Pricing and Availability: Gems Quest runs under 98Me2000XPVista and costs $19.99 (USD) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to enjoy the game without any time limitations. Additional information on Gems Quest with its download version limited to 60 minutes of game play is available from